You Ain’t Real!

~Shemeka Michelle

Yes, I said it. As much as you claim to “keep it real”, nine times out of ten you probably don’t. As much as you claim to not care what others think, truth is you do. That’s why you alter your behavior in certain settings. Not in the sense of acting dignified but in perpetrating a fraud! You lie about your income, social status, family and education. You harp on your successes instead of opening up and being honest about your failures. You have become useless in the advancement of the mental state of mankind. You don’t allow others that come along after you to learn from your experiences because you’re too busy hiding the fact that you’ve struggled, been rejected and disappointed. Therefore they lack hope because they can’t identify with the true overcomer because once you “arrive”, you act as if you’ve been there the whole time. You’re such a liar! How does that mask feel you’re wearing? Is it comfortable? Do even YOU look in the mirror and accept it as your true self? You’re so fake! How’s that really working for you? Do you find freedom in the bondage of pretending? Do you get paid for the job of creating a false illusion of yourself? It must be hard to keep up the charade. Is it helping anyone? Has it pushed anyone to grow? Is it promoting self-esteem, self-worth and self-acceptance? It is? Really? Is that what you really think? I’ll never believe the words coming out of your mouth or identify with you because you’re a phony; a fabrication and the truth is……… you ain’t even REAL!