shade~Shemeka Michelle
I have a friend that I love dearly. She really is one of the sweetest, most compassionate people I’ve ever met. However, her need for approval gets on my damn nerves!! She will dim her shine anytime someone else thinks it’s too bright.
About a year ago…. maybe two, she met a man that she fell head over heels for. Initially her church family didn’t approve. She expressed how they would even cut her off whenever she spoke of him. A few of them even expressed to others behind her back that the new boo got two thumbs down!
Now before they start telling lies, let me say I could understand if the disapproval was due to the fact that at the time she was still legally married. However, that was NOT the only reason offered. She received every criticism from he was too young, he couldn’t dress, he tried too hard right down to they just didn’t like him. She was extremely hurt because as I stated earlier approval means everything to her; especially from this group of people. Although they were WELL AWARE of the abuse she suffered in her previous relationship, their support of her getting back to happy was lacking to say the least. She wasn’t even allowed to bring him as her guest to one of her closest friend’s wedding. Once again, their disdain was not because she was legally married but for all of the WRONG reasons.
Lately, it looks as if she has finally won their approval. Because I know this means so much to her, I really am happy that she can now publically declare her love for him. However, I hope this fake bunch of Negroes offered her an apology for making her feel like she wasn’t good enough! Instead of sweeping things under the rug like they usually do and pretending as if nothing happened, I hope they’ve extended a true olive branch.
The message to my sister/friend and the moral of this blog is…….
Stop tap dancing your way through life for people to approve of you if you don’t like tap dancing! Don’t give people the power to determine YOUR self worth by allowing them to jerk you around. One minute you’re in the in crowd but the next minute you’re out depending on how they feel. If you want to smile, SMILE! If you want to laugh, LAUGH as loud as you can. You DO NOT need MAN’S approval to be YOU!
Prior to writing this, I scrolled through the list of people that had the power to make or break me. Once I realized only two people made the cut, I wrote on. She may never tell you how hurt she was but I have no problem telling you that was some BITCHASSNESS!! Oh Yes, I said it!