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I always make time for everybody and all activities they participate in but somehow I manage to not find time for exercising.   I make lots of excuses all the time as to why I do not have time and yet it seems as though the more excuses I make the more I come up with.
I have a lot going on every day and historically I find the best time for me is early morning. However, in the mornings I am cooking breakfast, making lunches, cleaning the kitchen, washing and folding clothes.  Before I know, it is time to get the children up and guess what? There’s no time left to exercise before starting the day.
You would think maybe I should get up earlier and I would have enough time in the morning but wait…….one problem…..I go to bed too late.  The children participating in extracurricular activities keep our days long with us arriving home around 8pm-9pm each night.  By the time homework is checked, everyone is fed, and baths are taken, it is too late to exercise and I am tired!!!!  Or at least too tired to exercise…or as I said…that’s my excuse. We often are good at coming up with reasons why we can’t…..If we applied that same strategy and effort to planning time we might get it in.
So here I am and something has to give……..whether I need to start my day earlier or go to bed earlier….I must come up with a game plan to carve out a time and frequency to get some exercise in and say THIS IS MY EXERCISE TIME AND IT IS NOT FLEXIBLE.  Like meetings or work…I realize that it cannot be compromised if I want to be successful.
I invested in Kangoo shoes, which is my gym in a bag. These shoes are awesome and fun so I can’t use that as an excuse….Guess I ought to be a shame of myself….so enough with the reasons why I can’t find time to exercise….I guess I better be working on the excuses for being selfish…
Bottom line I know that if I am not healthy I can’t do all I do for others.
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