Guest Blogger: Gregory DeVonGregory Devon

There is so much more to a woman than what you see on the outside. Its easy to get lost in what you see; but its empowering to go beyond the surface and discover her greatest glory. Knowing who she truly is proves to be a journey; but no journey is too great when a man finds what he seeks. No matter what obstacles you encounter along the journey, a virtuous woman is always worth pursuing. She may not be fully aware of what God has placed in her, but she is confident in who she is and who’s she is.

For centuries women have been viewed as the weaker sex. Weak is relative to whatever area of comparison. Women are generally physically weaker then men; but they are mentally stronger, and they house the potential to influence whatever they connect with to be greater. Women carry the ability to bring life into the world. The birth canal is inside a woman. So human life manifests into the world through women. In that same regard, women hold the power to help a man birth his dreams into reality. Men hold the seed, but women house the soil. In human reproduction, men hold the seed, but women house the egg which is like soil. The combination of that seed and that egg produces another life! Likewise, a man’s dreams are the seeds for his future; often it takes a woman to cultivate his seeds and birth his dreams into reality. Seeds hold the potential to be something great; but soil nurtures those seeds and manifests the greatness that’s within them! The right combination of seed (MEN) and soil (women) can produce something mind-blowing!

Overtime men have forgotten how important women are in our pursuit of a dream. Its true that this is a mans world; but it wouldn’t be much without a woman or a girl! Women were designed to help and improve. They were created with a purpose that is far greater than many know or believe. So many women have lost sight of just how special they really are. The disappointments that are associated with the happenings of life seemed to have diminished the light that once shined brightly within. A woman’s worth seems to have shifted from what’s within and moved to what the eyes can see. Often you’ve been mistreated, unappreciated and even abused; all because you have forgotten just how special you really are and the purpose for which God created you. Never should you allow anything to create in you an image of less than what God sees! Your value and virtue extend far beyond human comprehension; but you have to believe that and tap into the power that’s within you!

Disappointed by what didn’t work out, you have struggled to get where you are now. While struggle may seem like an injustice, to get through struggle is empowering and potentially life changing! Your path to where you are now hasn’t always been straight, but you managed to listen to that voice within which continually called you forward. You have faced some setbacks which seemed in the moment to be failure, but you never lost sight of what you knew God had for you! Though you thought you would never receive it, you learned that life is not about avoiding the storm, its about learning how to dance even in the rain!

You have longed to love someone who loved you with a passion that only God can create; but your belief in that one day being a reality seemed to fade as you experienced unfulfilled expectations. At times your smile seemed to have faded as disappointment seemed to become your best friend. No matter how hard you tried to break free, it seemed as though disappointment was determined to pursue you. In those moments, God always reminded you that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty (freedom). You found resolve in God, but you wondered if what you truly desired would ever come to fruition. In those moments God wanted you to realize that only when you delight yourself in Him would you be granted your hearts desire. God wanted you to realize that what your heart truly desires could only come to you by way of His heart. God wanted you to understand that no good thing would He ever withhold from His children. Its with that same relentless pursuit of your hearts desire that God wanted you to pursue Him. The realization of that will change your life forever!

There comes a point in life where you must emancipate yourself away from anything that moves you into the opposite direction of God! Often you have connected yourself with those who meant you no good. In those moments Gods voice took second place to your will. Even as that mistake seemed to repeat itself, God never gave up on you! Mistakes and setbacks are just opportunities for God to prove to you who He really is; your response proves to you who you really are!

You are Gods greatest creation! No one can bring life into the world but you! Your true beauty is not in what the eyes can see; its in what God placed within you. Never lose connection with that power which resides within. Your light should be a beacon of hope for all to see. You should inspire that man who is blessed to one day call you his wife! He will see in you the glory of God, and you will see in him all that your heart desires! Always remember, you’re special in the eyes of God! No man should get to you without going through Him!

Peace and Love,
Gregory DeVon

About Gregory DeVon: He is a gifted speaker, writer, minister and facilitator. He also writes relationship columns for Black Opps Magazine. Upon graduating high School, he went on to study in the area of Psychology at NC A&T. Gregory DeVon was a regular panelist on a series of discussions sponsored by Woman 2 Woman Ministries called “Will He Bring You Home To Momma”. He loves empowering the mind, encouraging the spirit, and touching the heart of people with an uplifting word! He has a large social media following, and he loves engaging in meaningful REAL-TALK dialog on relationships, spirituality, sex, love dating etc. Follow him on Facebook Gregory DeVon (also like the Gregory DeVon page), twitter @GregoryDeVon, and Instagram Gregory_DeVon. He is currently working on his first book titled, “Letter 2 A Lady”.