WICKED WEDNESDAY: Tear That Cherry Out!

~Feather Blackwell


He told me to turn around and let him hit it from behind. He slow strokes at first then starts to pound that pussy! My ass shakes from the force! Every now and then he smacks dat ass as I throw it back. He loves to see it jiggle. As his dick goes in and out, he hits my G-spot. I let out moans and call his name as he simultaneously delivers pleasure and pain!! This is what they mean when they say it hurts so good!

A slight press to my back means he wants me face down, ass up. As my face is buried in the mattress, he grabs my ankles to lift the ass even higher. It’s so good; I take my hands and grab my own ass! Then another smack!! All of a sudden he drops my ankles and grabs my wrists. Then without handcuffs he takes complete control. The pain is so intense that part of me is waiting on that nut that always cums faster in this position. However, this shit feels so amazing that I also hope it never ends!

As he hits my walls and his dick continuously glides over my G-spot there is a tingling feeling that is rushing all over my entire body. I have a slight pain fetish which is why I believe the pain makes my pussy wetter! Now I can hear the gushy sounds. Whose pussy is this?? I respond “yours baby and this dick feels so good!”  I love how it feels and I begin that side to side twerk on the on the back stroke!  I’m near tears, I can’t feel my legs and my fingers feel as if they have tiny needles pricking them. I realize I’m addicted!! As I reminisce, I’m watching the clock and I can hear Queen Bey singing “I CAN’ T WAIT TIL I GET HOME”.

So Ladies, take it, don’t forget to bounce on the dick and throw it back. If he’s really got it going on, it may hurt a little as he relieves his aggression but enjoy the pain. Give him his moment to FUCK YOU GOOD AND TEAR THAT CHERRY OUT!!