Wicked Wednesday: SEXcapades……Good Kisser!!

“Don’t nobody kiss it like you. Don’t nobody kiss it like you BANG BANG BANG!!!” I was listening to Usher’s new single and almost lost my mind! I immediately begin to reminisce. My mind took me back to HOTlanta! How ironic! I closed my eyes and my whole body went numb.
I saw his sexy ass (not Usher my boo) before going to hang out with my bff. I hadn’t seen him in a while but my pussy got wet as soon as I laid eyes on him! As I sat in Bar One; a popular Atlanta hangout, I couldn’t stop thinking about getting back to my hotel. Every man that approached me only boosted my ego. It made me want him more and I couldn’t wait to get to him and make this night UNFORGETABLE! I was horny as hell! Every song made me want to FUCK! Every drink made me want to FUCK him more! Damn, why was I even in this club? I couldn’t stop biting the corner of my bottom lip. I also know that most men that looked my way saw the lust in my eyes as my tongue would periodically lick the right corner of my top lip. However they weren’t turning me on. I was ONLY thinking about him!
As I walked into the room I had one goal….. To make him forever remember my name and NEVER forget how great I made him feel. I commenced to communicate without words. I didn’t waste any time! As we stood at the foot of the bed we began to kiss. His lips were so soft! I started kissing and sucking on his neck. He tasted just as good as he looked! I stuck my tongue in his ear then whispered “I want you!” I couldn’t wait to get to the good part but I didn’t want to ignore any parts in between. I started to kiss on his chest then I dropped to my knees. There’s nothing sexier than the hair on his stomach right below his navel. Since I’m an excellent multitasker, I stayed right there kissing and licking him as I loosened his belt and unbuttoned his pants.
I came face to dick just as I had been hoping. I like to show my appreciation for such a masterpiece so I caressed his penis between my hand and my cheek. Then I kissed it along the shaft right before taking my tongue and gliding the underside across the tip of the head. I looked up at him and he was looking down at me. I stared at him, mischievously smiled, circled the head with my tongue then put it in my mouth! I sucked his dick like it was the last time! Every time I heard him say “OH SHIT!” I moaned. Every time I heard “Baby I love it!” I was motivated to use NO HANDS! I looked up but his head had fallen back. He grabbed my head as he thrust his pelvis back and forth. I could feel the tension as he slightly pulled my hair. It turned me on even more! I sucked harder! He moaned more! I was on a mission! He could barely utter the words but I heard him say “I’m about to cum”!! I thought to myself “Yes, Just what I wanted”! As he nutted in my mouth I swallowed it all. Although the night was just beginning, I already felt like mission accomplished!
As I opened my eyes and the song came to an end, I had the same mischievous smile. I was confident that he too remembers that SEXcapade. He has many other memories of me but when he hears the song, I bet a million dollars he’ll also remember that Feather made him holler. Because Feather Blackwell is a GOOD KISSER!!