Wicked Wednesday: SEXcapades……Dance for you!

We had only been apart for one night but when you’re use to kissing, touching and grinding up on someone every day, one night can seem like forever! I couldn’t wait to see him. This was going to be a special night as we were actually preparing for a few months a part. Considering the strain we both feel anytime we’re away from each other, I couldn’t even begin to imagine how stressed I would feel from being separated for a few months.
I could hardly contain myself and I couldn’t wait to see his smile. Anytime he flashed his gorgeous grin and stared at me with his sexy brown eyes, I wanted to walk right out of my panties. Just the thought of having him inside of me made me weak at the knees. I had a special night planned; one that would leave him clinging to my panties for the next year!
We had a hotel suite in which the bedroom was separated from the sitting area by French doors. He sat in the sitting area watching TV and also wondered what was taking me so long to come out. I had already given him the command that upon my cue, he would start the music that I had preset. I gave the cue but remained hidden behind the double doors as Beyoncé’ started to sing the words “I just wanna show you how much I appreciate you…..”  I let him sit in suspense for the first few sentences so he could listen to the words and really understand my motivation.
As the beat dropped, I pushed open the double doors and there I stood! I was dressed in a black, spaghetti strap, net, see-through, fitted nitey that stopped right below my pussy lips. Beneath it I had on some black lace panties that exposed my ass cheeks and I’m sure made his dick rock hard. Also, every woman should have a pair of stripper stilettos and my closet is full of them! Tonight I have chosen the six inch heels with bling and shine! It had been years since I graced the stage but I desired to show that I still had exotic skills!
I remained out of reach as I began to win’ and roll my body to the beat of the music in the doorway. I slowly but SURELY dance my way closer to him as no dance is complete without an occasional grind against the spectator. One of my favorite moves is to stand straight up then slowly bend at the waist while making my ass jiggle. I was ready to fuck but still needed to give him the famous twat shot. That’s when you lay on your back with your legs together straight up in the air then let them quickly fall out to the side. As he’s staring at the pussy in amazement, don’t forget to take one hand and rub it just as you wish he would!!
I REALLY couldn’t wait any longer! Since I was already on the floor, I got on all fours and began to crawl closer to him. Then like a cat, I began to softly purr, kiss and lick on his lower legs. I wanted him bad but I wasn’t done giving him a night to remember. I stood up and grabbed his hand so that he followed me. I needed to move him from the sofa to a single chair. Just then the next song started to play and I heard Trey Songz sing “This right here’s a Panty dropper” but since I HATE long blogs, you’ll have to tune in next Wednesday.
Yeah, yeah I know…..how Wicked of me!