Wicked Wednesday: SEXcapades…Center of Attention!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

 It had been a long and stressful day! I was having those types of days more often than not. My time and attention was in high demand but I myself was in great need. I definitely needed a Calgon moment to just take me away! No matter how much I tried to peacefully express my feelings, no one seemed to hear me. Hands were out waiting to see what I would put in them but no hands were out filled with anything to give to me. I longed to be the center of someone’s attention even if it was just for one night.
Troy was dark and handsome. Even at the tender age of twenty five, he had the ability to make me feel like a woman. More than any other man I had ever met! Anytime we were together, it was as if I was the only other person in the world and tonight was no different. Troy was different from most guys. Instead of constantly looking for what he could get from me, he had the intelligence to know that if he gave me what I needed, I would ALWAYS give him what he desired!

 He removed his shirt and made himself comfortable on the bed. As I went about doing all of the things that I needed to do before joining him, he was completely content in waiting for me like there was no other place he would rather be. Once I finished with my tedious chores, I showered while he watched TV. After my shower, I joined him on the bed. He wrapped his arm around me, pulling me closer to him. I laid my head on his chest and all of my cares begin to melt away. He hung on my every word as I began to talk about my day. It was ALL ABOUT ME! I drifted into talk about my hopes and dreams and where I wanted my career to take me. He kissed my forehead as he listened and began to encourage and even urge me to follow my dreams.

 Although I knew he couldn’t stay forever, I was amazed at how time stood still. His attentiveness was a natural aphrodisiac. I felt a tingle between my legs but he was yet to really touch me. As the chatter ceased, I began to breathe deeper. I wanted him! He had taken the time to listen, encourage and connect with me on an emotional level. He looked deeply in my eyes and I could feel my nipples harden as they longed for him to lick, squeeze and gently suck them and he did just that! Every kiss was slow and intentional. As his hands rubbed my body, I knew I was the center of his attention and my pussy began to drown in its own juices! I could feel that his dick was rock hard yet he took his time; tantalizing every inch of my body leaving no spot untouched.

 As my desire grew stronger, I could no longer resist him. I initiated the complete removal of his clothes then I proceeded to kiss him from head to toe; stopping midway to kiss, lick, suck and lock my jaws around the muscle that would soon be inside of me! As he moaned I got excited as I sucked him! I took every inch into my mouth…..NO HANDS! However, this wasn’t how I wanted it to end so I straddled him and breathed a sigh of relief as his dick slid inside of me. The muscles of my pussy wrapped around him as I rode his dick slow and controlled. Once again he took control. He flipped me and got on top! I had never had a man so dedicated and determined to make me feel good and INDEED IT FELT GREAT! I moaned through sluty words of admiration like “fuck me”, “this dick is so good”, “fuck me harder” and “damn, this dick is the best”! We both reached our climax and of course nothing is better than a good gush! However, this time, the destination wasn’t nearly as great as the journey! What a memorable SEXcapade. I long for my next escape into the Center of Attention!