Wicked Wednesday: SEXcapades……….She’s Crafty!

I was young and hot in the ass. It had taken me a while but I was finally filling out and I was PHAT (plenty hips ass & titties)! Guys that use to look at me like a little sister were now undressing me with their eyes. There was one particular guy that stood out from the rest…..at least for that moment. He was tall, slim and had the sexiest green eyes I had ever seen. He was also a member of one of the hottest drumlines around. I secretly crushed on him for years. However, he had one of the prettiest; most popular girlfriends around. I never thought I could have him until one day his eyes told me different!
We had just finished our evening band practice which we had daily. He and some other members of his section were standing near their fraternity plot. I had to walk pass them to get to my dorm. I don’t remember his exact comment but the look in his eyes let me know that I had finally caught his attention. I smiled and kept walking but thought to myself “you can get it”! As a matter of fact, not only could he get it, I had already determined that he would be able to get it with minimal effort. There was really only one problem…. His girlfriend and I were friends! She was actually more like a big sister. I remember sitting in her dorm room laughing with her as I plotted against her.
Days went by and it became obvious that I wanted the dick. It became more obvious that he wanted the pussy just as bad. We began to have discussions, plotting and planning just how it would go down! Although he and his girlfriend were both upper classmen, she still lived on campus while he lived in a apartment not too far from the university. Just as most guys looked at me like a little sister, so did older girls. The fact that his girlfriend and I both lived on campus presented the perfect opportunity for me to nurture our relationship and get her to a point that she trusted me enough to share every move!
My little drummer boy and I could wait no longer. The time had come and we were ready to bone! As I sat in his girlfriend’s dorm room, I provided the little nudge she needed to convince her to hang with friends instead of spending time with her boyfriend. Once the decision was made, I asked questions to know information like where she was going and just how long she planned on being there. I added a few “girl you know you’re going to go see your boyfriend” just to be believable and to gain the confirmation that she absolutely had no plans with him that evening.  This was all I needed to notify her boyfriend; my sex crush that tonight was the night for me to do a split on the dick!
Feather Blackwell is one crafty bitch! Find out just how much when you tune in to next Wednesday’s SEXcapade!