WICKED Wednesday: SEXcapades….One, Two, Three, RED LIGHT!

NGSC: Feather Blackwell the-red-light-district

One, Two, Three, Red light! As a child this was one of my most favorite games. I and all of the neighborhood kids would assemble in my front yard to avoid any interruption of cars. One person would always be picked to stand at one end of the yard while the rest of us stood at the other end. The object of the game was to be the first to reach the single person. The single person would have to cover their eyes and at an unknown pace to the other players, they would yell “one, two, three, red light”! As they did this, the other players had to try to make it to them. However once they yelled red light, they would open their eyes and everyone would have to freeze. If you were caught moving, they would send you back to the beginning which would diminish your chance of reaching them before the other players. Whoever got to them first would then become the winner and the next in charge. This was a fun but simple game as even young children understood the concept of stopping at red lights.

I’m grown now and Miguel is no child. He is all man and not at all intimidated by the color red…

As I sat on the couch close to him he questioned if I could smell ink from the machines he used at work. I wasn’t really sure what ink smelled like. All I knew is that he smelled like a man and I wanted to lean in close to him; breathing in his hard day at work. I am completely turned on by a blue collar man that works with his hands! I stroked his neck, face and admired his profile as he watched T.V. I wanted him badly and couldn’t keep my hands to myself. I feigned for feeling his lips against mine; our tongues entwined in a seductive dance but most of all, I wanted the dick! As he turned, looked at me and this became reality, my body temperature began to rise. As he started to touch my body, a tingle went down my spine with excitement. However, there was cause for concern…..

It was that time of the month and I knew sex with him would be a bloody mess. ONE!

He continued to kiss me; moving down to my neck and suddenly for me a mess didn’t seem like such a bad idea. A saying I heard an older woman quote when I was a young lady continued to play in my head…”if he can walk through mud, he can fuck through blood”.  He lifted my shirt and began to suck on my nipples. He put his hand between my legs and there are no pants or feminine barrier thick enough that could’ve stopped the surge his hand sent through my body. TWO!! As I kissed and licked his neck while my hands rubbed and squeezed his body, I’m sure my desire was clear. But, what was HE thinking? Our bodies pressed against each other and I wanted him so BAD! Just then despite my current condition, he looked me in my eyes and said the words I hoped to hear “I want some”. THREE!!!

As “Power” played on the screen in the background, that’s exactly what he gave me with every thrust!! “What the blood clot?” The extra wetness made rhythmic sounds like music as his dick slid in and out. He felt so good! It was official; he was my kind of man….nasty as fuck! REDLIGHT!!!