Wicked Wednesday: SEXcapades…..Dance For You (part 2)

I REALLY couldn’t wait any longer! Since I was already on the floor, I got on all fours and began to crawl closer to him. Then like a cat, I began to softly purr, kiss and lick on his lower legs. I wanted him bad but I wasn’t done giving him a night to remember. I stood up and grabbed his hand so that he followed me. I needed to move him from the sofa to a single chair. Just then the next song started to play and I heard Trey Songz sing “This right here’s a Panty dropper”!
He sat in the chair. As I stood over him, his dick was standing straight up saluting the pussy! He held the booty in his palms and squeezed my ass before aggressively sliding my panties down my long chocolate legs. As I stepped out of them, I decided to wet the dick by putting it in my mouth. I really just wanted to taste the pre-cum that I knew was waiting for me after the enticing dance. It was sticky and delicious! Although it tasted great, my pussy walls were throbbing; silently speaking to his dick and I was ready to take the conversation to the next level!
I straddled him as he sat in the chair. My pussy was so wet that his stiff dick slid right in as I lowered myself down. I started off moving up and down slowly as I wanted to REALLY enjoy the moment. He squeezed my ass tighter as I gently bit his neck. As the momentum increased I was thankful that the chair was against a wall. I bounced on the dick until my thighs trembled. He wasn’t ready to cum. All of a sudden he lifted me up and carried me to the bed. I was on my back on the edge of the bed and he lifted my legs straight in the air holding my ankles. Once again I felt his dick inside of me and it felt so good, a tear rolled from my eye. I didn’t want it to end but I knew neither one of us would be able to hold back much longer. He looked at me with his deep set eyes and smiled because he knew he was giving me the business!
He pulled out, released my ankles and without saying a word, pushed my legs to the side. Our bodies were so in tune that I automatically understood this as his signal to put my face down and ass up ‘cause this by far is his FAVORITE way to fuck! I clinched the sheets and occasionally bit my hand but I couldn’t hold back the moans. I could barely say his name as he asked “whose pussy is this?” I responded and added “it’s your pussy baby”. We switched positions and ended round one face to face. His slow deep strokes were about to take me to Wonderland! I could no longer contain myself. My whole body shook and I exploded just as knew I would!
Sex is an addiction from which I don’t want to recover. I’m looking for the next SEXCAPADE. Don’t be surprised and just go with the flow if Feather Blackwell approaches and says tonight I want to dance for you!