Wicked Wednesday: SEXcapades……A Night with Feather Blackwell

September 3, 2014

It could’ve been just another night. However, Feather Blackwell wanted to get out and get down and dirty! Tonight I was going to be with my favorite man and I was definitely going to go all out!! As he sat downstairs working on his laptop, I had plenty of time to transform from a lady to a freak! That’s the way he likes it and I couldn’t wait to be his fantasy!

I decided spikes and leather would be the theme of the night. After taking a long hot bath, I made sure my body was oiled. I chose a black leather string bikini set. The thongs had a small triangle that covered the crotch. It was very sexy and decorated with shiny studs. The top was also made of strings with two studded triangles to partially cover each breast. This set alone would’ve made any man’s day. However, it wasn’t complete until it was matched with a leather studded choker, leather eye-mask and black leather boots. Of course the boots went with the whole ensemble. They too had studs along with rhinestones and four inch heels! I decided to top of the entire look with red lipstick….the better to leave kisses on his leg my dear.

Once I realized how fucking sexy I looked, I figured out a way to take some provocative pictures. This mini photo shoot was complete with legs in the air poses and of course some ass shots! The room was lit with candles and sex me music was playing at just the right level. Because Mr. Wonderful was completely clueless as he pecked away at his laptop, I begin to text him a sexy story. To his surprise, this story was coupled with the racy pictures I had just taken. Of course it wasn’t long before I heard him outside of the bedroom door. As he walked in, I made sure the first thing he saw was my beautiful brown ass in the air!

He couldn’t keep his hands off of me but I was dressed in studs and leather which meant I wanted control! I remained silent as I took that control; undressing him and piercing him with my sexy eyes as they peered through the mask. When he was completely undressed, I begin to tempt, tease and tantalize him with my tongue. I touched, kissed and licked every part of his body. The best part was when I started to go up and down dick to jaw! This was probably the best head I had ever given. I felt like a mysterious animal and I held on to the dick for dear life! He moaned and said shit like “You’re the best” and “I’m never leaving”.  I knew then that I definitely wanted him to cum in my mouth!! He prefers pussy over head but I was on a mission.

Motivated by his words of admiration, I was totally in a zone! The music provided a rhythm that took us both to a different place! I went from having my hands on the dick working the shaft as I sucked on the tip to deep throating it as my hands roamed his body. It was crazy and my mouth drove him wild!! As he climaxed, he didn’t want it to end but Feather was in control. I had a grip on the dick and I wasn’t letting go! He had no choice but to cum in mouth just as planned. I swallowed and knew this SEXcapade was one he would never forget. Women come a dime a dozen but there’s nothing like a night with Feather Blackwell!