Wicked Wednesday: Sex with My Pastor

nunNG Social Contributor: Feather Blackwell


He sat across the room from me as he took his braids loose. He was so very sexy! It was summer, clothing was minimal and I was HOT as HELL! His muscles flexed as his arms reached towards his head. We continued to enjoy our conversation as if I didn’t have hundreds of dirty thoughts racing through my mind. His roommate wasn’t home which had really given us the perfect opportunity to explore each other’s bodies. There was only one problem. He was a newly converted Christian and really desired to flee fornication.  His mother was already a pastor and we both knew he was headed for ministry.

Although I was trying to respect his choices, I would’ve gotten NAKED at the drop of a hat. I just wanted him to kiss me or stroke his hand over my thigh. His hair was long and beautiful like Samson and I desired to be his Delilah! If only he would just kiss me, I could convince him to eat my forbidden fruit. He sat across the room and his words dripped from his lips like honey. I had visions of straddling him in his chair. I wanted him so bad! His restraint was driving me crazy inside. I couldn’t help but wonder what was going through his head. I was sure my body was calling and I was positive his body heard it!

All I needed was one night. All I wanted was at least one time to put my screaming demons to rest! Sadly that would not happen. He was delivered from temptation that night but little did we know years later, our paths would cross again. We would reconnect with regret of never laying together. We never knew that even ten years apart would not be strong enough to quiet the lust. The forbidden is always the desired! Conversation between us would fan the flame that we realize has never died. He’s no longer adorned with hair of strength but my passion for him still burns. As expected, he is a man of the cloth. A well respected preacher and family man. Although I know it’s wrong, I still yearn for him like a dear that panteth for the waters. Years have passed but his sexy body and good looks continue to runneth over. I feel guilty that I desire to kneel before him but not to pray. I want him to lay hands on me but not to heal. Our communion would consist of sharing intimate thoughts, connecting physically exchanging bodily fluids!!

I’m trying really hard not be one of the women he preaches about. I know that I’m one of his greatest temptations and he wants me just as bad as I want him. I’m trying to keep my distance though because I don’t want to be the reason for another fall of man. It’s not easy because I like everything about him; his body, the handsome baby face and his ability to share true emotion that doesn’t seem to be easy for most men. My thoughts towards him are so unholy. Only someone truly WICKED would have insatiable lust for a pastor! Deliver me for thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil.