Wicked Wednesday: Oh Sh*t Daddy!

~Shi’a Popdapusse

I wanna fuck you so badly right now.

I’ve been craving you since the last time we were together.   It’s making me wanna straddle you, stuffing that deliciously, thick and juicy dick of yours, right inside of my wet pussy.

I’m thinking about how you pushed up from the bottom, sooo, sooo, very slowly.  Opening her up with each stroke, I bit my lip, delighting in the pleasurable pain that you made your duty to deliver.  I had to sit on it for just a few seconds, gripping my walls and massaging it, just to take in the bliss of that initial entrance.  Rolling and grinding my hips, slowly..small winding circles..gradually, widening the movements of my hips, as I would grind, even slower.  You moved the tips of your fingers over my lips, onto my tongue, and slid them toward my chest, massaging my nipples.  Leaning my head back, I moaned deeply, as I continued to grind.  Licking your thumb on your other hand, you slid it over my clit, letting my juices run over your finger as you moved it around, and around. I started to lose control, and began to feel you back off just slightly.  “Not yet,” you said.  I almost lost it then but, you were much in control of the situation.

I started to feel you slide your hand from my chest, over my shoulders, and around my neck.  Increasing the pressure, slightly, with each stroke you gave from the bottom.  I was losing it, and I didnt want to give up control, it was too soon.  But, you felt so amazingly, therapeutic to my pussy, I wasn’t being given much of a choice.

My pussy started to jump and throb.  You wrapped your arms around my waist, gripping my ass with both hands tightly, and pumped inside my pussy.  Squirting and shaking, and screaming “oh shit daddy..” at the top of my lungs.  What can I say?  You made it yours.

Yeah I need that again..