Wicked Wednesday: Lunchtime!

Guest Blogger
I had been thinking about Jared all day; the cut of his body, his walk, his smile, his stare. Ever since we met on the elevator that day, I have been head over lust for him. If he so much as brushed against me, I got wet. I needed him and now!
I asked him over to my office for lunch. I went to the bathroom and freshened up. Jared showed up with our lunch and sat down. I walked over and closed the door and locked it! Jared gave me a sideway glance. I walked over and stood in between his legs pulled his head back and kissed him deeply.  He grabbed my ass and responded.  I told him I was going to be his lunch. I walked over to my chair, slipped out of my undies, pulled up my skirt and threw my legs over the arms of the chair. I said “Lunchtime”!
Jared just looked at me with that crooked smile and licked his lips. He came over and dropped to his knees and kissed my sweetness.  He licked my clit and it sent sensations through my body. He devoured my pussy; licking, sucking and blowing me into sweet oblivion. He didn’t let one drip of my goodness go to waste. His tongue teased and taunted my clit until I could not take it anymore. I LET IT FLOW!  Jared sopped it all up!
He got up and kissed me tenderly and said “Thank you for lunch”! I was in heaven. Jared cleaned up and started to get his stuff to leave.  I looked at his fine ass body and all I wanted was him in me. I licked my lips and said “Wait”! We are not finished yet.
Until next time……