Wicked Wednesday: Live, Love, Laugh and GET LAID!

Sex in my opinion should be one of the great wonders of the world. The benefits of a passionate romp in the hay are priceless! Orgasms simultaneously bring joy and releases stress. When my man says to me “I want to fuck the shit out of you”, I am never offended. I know that he’s sexually frustrated and just wants to let off some steam. I love to hear that and it’s actually a turn on!  Stiff, stuffy and boring MFs may think that’s disrespectful. A prude only wants to hear things such as “I want to make love to you”. That’s cool but there’s a time and a place for everything and there’s nothing like an intense fuck! It clears your head, helps you sleep better and there’s no better workout. Any workout expert will tell you that for a good cardio workout, you have to increase your heart rate. This clearly means orgasms are good for your heart.
In addition, add slapping, biting and choking and totally increase the eroticism! “What’s my name?” “Whose pussy is this?” are both statements that demand answers and attention.  Make it super sexy as you take turns dominating. Ladies, if he feels like he’s in control when he’s hittin’ it from the back, switch it up. Sit then bounce on the dick! Now the power is all in your hands. Also, if you ride it backwards, he’ll enjoy watching your ass bounce bounce bounce!! Trying different positions can also help to increase flexibility. Instead of waiting and awkwardly trying positions ruining the moment of passion; have some fun trying out positions with your clothes on. Decide ahead of time which positions you can’t wait to try. This intensifies the desire!!
Disclaimer: Ladies, it is not cool or ladylike to let random men pound that pussy! However, if you’re in a committed relationship, don’t settle for sweet and soft all of the time. Truth be told, that can get a little monotonous (look it up). Ladies, every now and then, remember the benefits of a good twerkout on a good dick. Men, every now and then beat it like she stole it and she owes it to you. Free your mind, release some stress and heal your heart. Live, Love, Laugh and GET LAID!!
Happy Humping!