Wicked Wednesday: How to Keep Your Woman from Cheating!!

Men, to keep a woman happy, it’s a known fact that she needs to be emotionally connected to you. When you bring provision, protection and stability, you have the majority of her happiness covered. However, most women are too coy to be direct and honest concerning other needs. Outside of the things mentioned above, a lot of us can’t get enough of that good Vitamin D…..the dick…..the wood….that meat! We need good loving, some stroking, poking, licking and sticking!

Yes, I want my man to see the beauty that’s within me. I also love it when he grabs my ass and the physical attraction makes his dick hard! There is nothing like getting a text in the middle of the day stating what he wants to do to me then having him follow through on his promises. If you are in tune with your woman as you should be, you’ll know when to give her a soft “I want to make love to you”. You’ll also know when a “I want to fuck the shit out of you” will make her pussy dripping wet!

I’m a lady but I’m not too classy to get dicked-down! Lay the pipe right and when any other man approaches her, she won’t even give him a second thought. When she thinks of her future, she’ll want you in it. She’ll be content with the present and any man from her past will only bring one statement to mind……”fuck that nigga”! If you’re a good man who also knows how to put it down in the bedroom, kitchen, car etcetera, trust and believe your woman understands that she has hit the fucking jackpot (literally) and she will NOT stray!

Not only will good dick keep her from cheating, it’ll also keep her from sleeping on the job. If the dick is too bomb, she’ll make the extra effort to make sure the pussy is tight and right because she wants to keep you around. Please be clear that good sex from a wack ass dude is NOT enough for a mature woman. However, if you’re the total package with a great package, chances are you’re a keeper. A woman with a low libido may tell you that sex doesn’t matter but if you know your woman is hot in the pants, you better be putting it down if you want to keep her to yourself. It’s really simple; love her right, fuck her good and every now and then make it WICKED!