Wicked Wednesday: Hi, I’m Laquita and I Suck Di….

I remember sitting at the lunch table in high school gossiping about the girls having sex. I also remember one beautiful girl in particular being ridiculed for being a dick sucker. While some girls were probably jealous of her beautiful brown skin and her straight, long, black hair; there were some that didn’t like her because she was a “nasty dick sucking hoe”. Truth is they may have been worried that she was doing something to TAKE their man that they would NEVER do to KEEP him. After all, sucking dick was for white women Right??
This has been a taboo subject especially in the black community for a very long time. Some people don’t even like to say the word dick moreover put it in their mouths. I’ve often wondered whether women were doing it all along but didn’t want to be stereotyped or if our grandparents would be truly appalled. If this was really a no-no in times past, when did it all change? When did it become a necessary pleasure? I remember the first time I was asked to do it. I replied “What if you don’t like it?” and he responded “Oh, I’ll like it!” Over the years, I’ve waivered back and forth over my opinion. Of course as a teenager, I thought it was disgusting. Then I was told it was only for special men. As a married, Christian woman I was taught it was evil by one ministry but by another ministry I was taught “the marriage bed is undefiled”. Now, I ignore the thoughts of others and just follow my jaws. I mean my heart. However, I know there are women that really struggle with this dilemma.
To suck or not to suck that is the question. Even little sweet Beyonce’ is singing on the mic ‘til her voice hoarse. I guess Jay has changed her life in more ways than one. So what’s the deal ladies? Here’s what I believe. I believe you should NOT be a married woman asking your pastor if it’s okay. If your husband has requested it, gets ta sucking! Perhaps this is even a conversation that should come up in pre-marriage counseling so expectations are clear. If he wants it a lot but you’re a BAHO (Birthdays and Holidays Only), that should be discussed. If you don’t know how to do it, practice makes perfect. Find a penis shaped object and get use to it being in your mouth. Someone is laughing but we’re really trying to help.
Lastly, stop being DRAMA QUEENS!  Sucking dick is NOT the end of the world. If he’s YOUR man put it in your mouth! Also, don’t judge your fellow sista for being a dick sucking pro. Seek her for advice or tips to make your dick sucking tryst an eventful one. Form a dick sucking support group, grab hands and shout from the top of your lungs……Hi, I’m Laquita and I suck dick!
P.S.  If the terminology in this post offended you, please replace the word dick with penis and the term sucking dick with fellatio. Now GETS TA SUCKING!! LOL