Wicked Wednesday: Happy “Hump” Day!!



After watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Sunday, it was evident that when some women have a full plate, sex becomes the dessert that’s rarely eaten. We believe Cynthia is not alone. For this reason, we are giving women five ways to give your man some quick pleasure! Now, before you feel like we’re being insensitive, requiring you to be super woman and giving you another chore, note that we will speak to the men next week on how he can make it easier. However, you have a one week Naked Girlz challenge to “get it in” and here’s a few QUICK ways to do it!

  1. A little QST- Quality Shower time. (If you’re worried about your hair, move on to numbers 2-5) Showering together creates the perfect atmosphere for some good good. It’s hot, steamy and wet! There’s nothing like two bodies pressed together in a compact space with water drizzling down over you while fogging up the glass (subtract the fog if you have a shower curtain). It’s like a sexy scene from a movie! Once you’re done, since you’re already in the shower, clean up and be on your way.

  2. Most call it spooning but ladies when you’re really tired; this position (both people lying on their side with the man behind the woman) requires minimal effort. Just arch your back, toot your booty out and let him have his way. If you’re SUPER tired, rely on the rhythm to create that throwing it back effect that men love.

  3. Lunch Loving! Your days are crazy busy but if you both work outside of the home try and sneak away to meet for lunch. Ladies, if your time is really limited, begin to pleasure yourself on the drive home saving the big moment for him. By this age you should be skilled enough to drive with one hand!

  4. Put your mouth on it! Steal away while you’re cooking dinner or helping with homework; lick on it like a lollipop, stroke it, suck it for 1-2 minutes, and then stop. Go back to whatever you were doing before. The key here ladies is you have to promise to give him more loving later and actually do it.

  5. Put your mouth on it…..again! This time in the car while the two of you are riding together. Prior to arriving at your destination send him to la-la land. He’ll be happy and on his best behavior! 🙂
Happy Humping!!!