Wicked Wednesday: Guess the Tongue!

~Shi’a Popdapusse

Leading me into the bedroom after my shower, he whispers in my ear, “I want to play a game with you.” As I’m about to ask what kind of game, my attention is captured by four beautiful women standing against the far wall, naked, with their hair all pulled back. He guides me over to the edge of the bed and has me sit down. Each woman walks over, one at a time, kissing me on the lips, and returning back to where they initially stood.

“The objective is to guess the tongue. You’re not allowed to touch them, and you will be blindfoled. Each of them will eat your pussy, and at the end you will make your attempt to guess of who it was.”

After being blindfolded, I lay back with my ass off of the edge of the bed, anxiously waiting for whats about to happen. The first, gently licked my clit with the tip of her warm, inviting tongue. Flicking her tongue up and down on the clit, making it rise more and more. It felt so fucking good, and I had never been with a woman before. Rolling her tongue around and around, arousing and toying with me, I heard him say, “Time.” As I felt her move away, I was overcome with anticipation for the next woman to begin.

Spreading my legs wide, she buries her face into my pussy like she’s hungry. Sucking and slurping, she’s making my back arch deep, and my hands are grasping the sheets for dear life, wishing they could grab the back of her head. Moaning and moving her head fiercely as she’s devouring my pussy, making me so wet. “Time.” Seconds go by before I feel a soft pair of hands rub over my pussy lips, spreading them apart, and taking her velvety lips to kiss mine, sliding her tongue to lick my juices. Squeezing two fingers in and out of my pussy as she continues to suck on my clit, my whole upper body levitated from the bed in one motion. She was starting to make me squirt on her fingers, as she was telling me to cum for her. I didn’t know if I would make it to the last person. “Time”

My body was trembling and ready to explode. My legs were lifted as she wrapped both arms around my thighs, pulling me further off the edge of the bed. She licked my ass and put two fingers in my pussy while rubbing my clit. She animalistically ravaged my pussy! Grunting and moaning aggressively, she madly stuffed her tongue in my pussy like it was her last meal. Attempting to move, she wrapped her arms around my legs tighter, restricting my movements. Screaming and rolling my body in intense pleasure, telling me to squirt in her mouth, I can’t take it anymore. Convulsing and grabbing the back of her head, I released every drop in her mouth, falling in intense pleasure!

Fuck guessing whose tongue. Can we just make that happen again?