Wicked Wednesday: “Gimme Dat Vitamin D!”

~Shi’a Popdapusse

I’m tired of waiting for you to make a move. I’ve been thinking about sucking your dick for days, and I’m a woman on a mission. I make it to your house wearing my black overcoat and red heels. You open the door with a look of complete surprise. Before you can say a word, I push myself onto you, kissing you deeply. Making it impossible for you to resist at all. My tongue finds yours instantly, and your arms, find their way wrapped around me. Gripping my ass so tightly, that it damn near lifts me completely off of the ground.

Slamming against the wall opposite the entrance door, we just barely manage to get the door closed behind us. However, that is as far as we make it. Forcefully, opening the coat, your lips and tongue, find their way around my neck and starting down my chest. Pushing you back against the door, I drop to my knees, and pull down your sweatpants, exposing exactly what I came there for.

“I just want you to nut in my mouth.” Upon saying those words, my tongue found the bottom of your shaft, and my throat found your tip. Gagging, getting him so wet. Twirling my tongue all around your throbbing tip, sucking the pretty head. Eyes rolled, head tilted against the door, your moans get louder and louder. “Oh shit, baby..I wanna fuck you so bad!” Slurping and sucking more vigorously. Slapping my face and the lips. Sucking and massaging your balls with my tongue.

“Baby, you ok?” Down the hallway your girlfriend calls out from the bathroom. “Yeah baby I’m good, get back in the shower..” yelling back as you lean to make sure she’s not coming.
“Give me what I asked for..” I demand looking up at you. Grabbing the back of my head with both hands, you fuck my mouth, faster and faster, until my throat is covered in cum. Swallowing and pressing my tongue on the tip, to get every drop, you slide down to the floor, completely drained.

Better go before your girlfriend comes. Until next time…