Wicked Wednesday: First Time Sex!

Wicked Wednesday Question:  How do I get that “grab me like you can’t wait then take it as I f*ck you back; like I’m trying to lock you down sex” when he already has me and he knows he doesn’t have to work as hard?
Whew….alrighty then…… This sounds like a desire for first time sex so here goes….
There’s nothing like the anticipation of being with someone for the first time. Especially if there’s been a lot of junk talking leading up to that big event. For example “You’re gonna be hooked”, “Don’t become a stalker”, “I’m gonna make you fall in love” just to name a few. You both come to the bedroom with the determination to prove a point which can lead to an extreme night of passion!
Now some people feel like there’s nothing like making love and intimately connecting to the one you’ve been with forever. However, sometimes people settle in and get comfortable then neither person works as hard as they did to get it the first time. His hands aren’t as strong, he’s not as aggressive. She’s not as coy and doesn’t exude sex appeal and NEITHER is panting with burning desire.
Even if both agree that the other person is the best they’ve ever had, loosing that passion can lead to lifeless love making. This could eventually become a problem and should be an interested concern of both parties.
What ways do you keep it hot?? Keep it Naked!