Wicked Wednesday: Face Down, Ass Up!

Life can get busy; we know it can be extremely hard sometimes to get it in with your mate. Last week we spoke directly to the women after viewing an episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. However, this week is for the men! Many times, men expect women to be super women forgetting that character is COMPLETELY fiction! Contrary to what you hear, women love sex! However, we get tired too but if you want your woman face down, ass up ‘cause that’s the way you like to fuck, here are six things for you to do during your one week Naked Challenge.
  1. Do the damn dishes sometimes! Yes, foreplay begins in the kitchen or ANY room that needs attention for that matter. If your mate has taken the time to cook, relieve her of the responsibility of cleaning. The goal is to take something off of her plate creating time and energy to do other things!
*When you gon’ get to the good part?
  1. Call the electric company yourself! Or the mortgage company or whoever you owe. The point is women are different from men. We worry! It’s one thing for money to be tight but it’s another thing when the woman has to figure out how to make ends meet. We don’t need sex to survive so if we’re forced to go into survival mode, you may end up ass out!
*Get down to the good part?
  1. Help with the kids!! Help with the homework, give them a bath and put them in bed! Now, she’s all yours! What’s your fantasy??
*Right about now!
  1. Brush/rub up against her throughout the day or as much as you get to see her. Most women hate to let a hard dick go to waste!!
  1. Stroke her ego! If you make her feel like she’s Superhead, that’s what you’ll get…..some SUPER HEAD!!
  1. HIT THE SPOT!! Take the time to know what she likes. Women change. What turned her on before may be different now. Figure out what drives her wild and keep her cumming back for more!
Happy Humping!!