Wicked Wednesday: 5 Fast Ways to Make HIM Addicted!

humpday21. Play Dress up! Even if you’re a regular sex pot, there’s nothing wrong with creating a better, sexier version of you.  Not only is it fun, you can do a lot of nasty things the real you would never do. You’ll be amazed at what a wig and a sleazy outfit can do for the freak in you! Even if you decide on a lab coat and stethoscope, let him know that the doctor can see him now! Pull out your clip board, jot down his needs and fulfill his desires.


2. Yell! When the kids are sleeping in the next room, sometimes you may have to suppress how you really feel. However, when they’re away, play loudly! If you’re normally quiet in the bedroom, turn up the heat by letting him hear how good he’s making you feel. There’s nothing like an “mmmm”, “ooohhh” and a “shit, it feels so fucking good” to turn him on even more. It’s like cheering for your favorite team. The more applause you give the better they get!


3. Beg for it! I ain’t too proud to beg and you shouldn’t be either. If you want him to go deeper, tell him! If you want him to keep it right there, demand it with a “don’t stop”, “fuck me” or “harder”!!! It’s really just that simple.


4. Be Spontaneous! Everyone likes a surprise every now and then. Gifts received without notice are always the best ones for which we receive the most gratitude. This works for men too. He probably doesn’t want roses delivered to his job. However, there are MANY more surprise gifts that he will absolutely love and appreciate. For example, have you ever given your man head in a theater?? That can turn an average movie into the BEST movie he’s seen in a long time and what a great surprise! (Men, thank us for that one later).


5. Do something different! If you are always Plain Patty or Conservative Carol, tonight be Nasty Nikki!! All of the above are ways for you to add spice to your relationship and make it hot! Sometimes even just a simple change of scenery will work magic. Whatever you decide, keep it Naked and make it Wicked!


Happy Humping!