Why YOUR Child Needs Their Ass Whipped!!

September 5, 2014

I’m sure there was a good reason for removing corporal punishment from schools. I’m also grateful of the steps that have been taken to prevent and punish child abuse. However, some of today’s bad ass kids need their asses torn out of the frame! If your child has legitimate medical reasons that prevent them from functioning normally, I’m not necessarily referring to you. However, some of you mentally challenged adults need to STOP REPRODUCING (that’s another blog for another time)!!

This blog is dedicated to all of you parents that look forward to the labeling of your child so school is a little easier, excuses are made for bad behavior and your trick ass can receive some type of financial assistance. First of all, get a job! Secondly, please realize that you are setting your children up for failure. Just in case you haven’t taken the time to look at the big picture, let me help you. Soon and very soon these juvenile delinquents won’t be in the principal’s office listening to you ramble off excuses for unruly behavior. They’ll be sitting in a court room standing in front of a judge who won’t be checking their IEP or 504 plans! As a matter of fact, chances are the judge won’t even give a damn.

I’ve never seen so many children with issues. There’s a fancy medical term given for everything under the sun and many parents accept them because they are too lazy to actually rear their children. I don’t feel sympathy for you or your child when you tell me of their condition.  I actually think you sound stupid and I only refrain from keeping it Naked with you because certain atmospheres require that I do so. If you put the same amount of energy into raising your children as you did into the act of creating them, they may actually grow up to be productive citizens. However at the rate some parents are going, instead of their children being destined for higher education they’ll be lucky if they get a GED in a state governed high rise!

Children are not living dolls. If your greatest excitement concerning them is dressing them up, styling their hair and teaching them the latest slang, kill yourself. In a lot of instances there is no need for your mini me because the biggie you is a crock of crap! Every time I turn around I hear a new tale about unruly behavior from a child who has a stack of paperwork to justify their actions. Perhaps some of these cases are legitimate. However in my best slave voice, “dehs a hol heap of dees lil mufuckas dat jus need der ass whupped”!!