Why LIE?

NGSC: Kenita Stubbs
“Why lie?” is a question that will be asked until the end of time. But…..why?? Don’t get me wrong, we ALL lie at some point. Whether it’s on a job application, lying at a restaurant saying your child is seven years old when they are really thirteen; just to get the buffet two bucks cheaper and/or we lie to the police when we get pulled over when we say “Officer I didn’t know I was going that fast”. I’m not talking about those kinds of lies. We will call those life’s lies. I’m talking about trifling lies!!! The ones that sabotage relationships and friendships!!
We all may lie to escape a tiny argument like “oh no honey I didn’t forget to take the clothes to the cleaners”. I’m not even talking about THOSE! I’m talking about the “why didn’t you answer the phone” lie, the “why didn’t you come home last night” lie, the “I thought you were with your boys” lie, the “I had to work late” lie and the “my phone was on silent or in the car” lie! Nigga, why lie???
Nine out of ten times we already know the truth. We just want you to confess! Although the truth hurts, in time, we can heal from the truth. We can’t heal from lies!! When a person is man/woman enough to be 100% honest, it shows growth and truth is the life line to healing and trust. Nothing will change the facts or the truth but it will be the gateway to be able to earn trust again. So why LIE?
Even if you feel that you have “fucked up”, try being honest instead of using the punk ass escape “I don’t want to hear her mouth”. We already know whether or not we are going to leave or stay. It’s not always what you’ve done that drives us away. Most of the time it’s the lies you tell about what you’ve done that drives us away. Honesty really IS the best policy! It may hurt now and may even take a while to forgive but time heals ALL wounds. So just TELL THE DAMN TRUTH!! I mean really……..why LIE??