Why Katy Perry and Beyonce’ are Satanist!

~Shemeka MichelleshemekaMichelle2_6brownchickschicagonowimage

I sat on the couch alone eating crab legs and shrimp. I was too tired to attend a Super Bowl party so I decided to stay in, gaze at the T.V although I don’t understand the game and just wait for the infamous Super Bowl commercials. My kids sing along to a lot of Katy Perry songs so I was also interested in watching the halftime show. To my surprise she was joined by Missy Elliott and I must admit, I thought they did a great job. Missy added exactly what I needed in order to give the show my two thumbs of approval. After the show, I continued to watch the game and I really didn’t think anymore about it.

The next day I came across a post on social media that read “If u only knew what the half-time show really means #satanic

My first thought was “this shit is starting to be real ridiculous”! My second thought turned into an eye roll as the conversation continued and urged us to stay focused on Jesus. Really? I swear if I hear one more broke person proclaiming that every person with money is “Illuminati” or a Satan worshipper, I don’t know how I’m going to react!!

I’m not saying that Illuminati don’t exist. I also know that there are people who worship Satan. What I am saying is WHO FUCKING CARES?!?! There is only one bank account that I’m concerned about and that’s mine!! If you don’t have at least $1,000.00 dollars saved (that’s for regular, average job folks because that still isn’t much), then THAT’S what you need to be focused on. Focus on the fact that you live tax season to tax season. Focus on the fact that you’re renting furniture or making payments on a used car that’s ten years old. Isn’t that more important than whether or not Beyonce’ gives her body over to Satan during her performances?

Here’s the real conspiracy… While you’re thinking we’re all being duped by smoke and mirrors, your children are without college funds because you’re too busy focusing on someone else all while coddling your slave mentality. If you choose not to listen to certain songs or artist, I have absolutely no problem with that. However, I REF– USE to live my life in fear controlled by super religious fanatics. Tell me this… if you’re so versed on conspiracy theories, why do you remain ignorant of one of the biggest conspiracies of them all…..your religion?!?! That’s another blog for another time.

The question here is this….. If you believe in an All Powerful Supreme Being, what are you so afraid of?