Who do you think I am…Superwoman?

super-woman2NGSC: TamiNique
            So, I was watching an episode of Steve Harvey’s talk show and the topic was stay-at- home moms.  I will say up front that it could either be a mom or a dad that stays home and takes care of the domestic duties.  However in this case, it was the mom.  There was a couple that had a set of 11 month old twin boys and the mom stayed home with them while the dad worked a job.  Needless to say, the father was very unappreciative of the mother and the duties that she upheld while he was away at work…But Steve had a little surprise for him!  The wife took a whole day and went on strike…She left the house before dad awoke and left him with a list of her typical daily duties to complete by the time she came back home that evening.
While mom was gone dad had to feed the kids, change diapers, bathe and dress the kids, play with them, make sure the dog was taken care of, clean the house, go grocery shopping and cook dinner.  Ummm, yeah!  By the time mom got back to the house, about half of the list had been completed and the house was a hot mess!  I guess I don’t have to tell you that after that experience, he appreciated her much more.  Initially he thought it was all fun and games, just playing with the kids and watching soap operas all day…Lies you tell!!!
I will be honest with you, if it were my choice and I had a family with young children, I would desire to be a stay at home mom too.  Even though I know it’s a lot of work, that would be my choice because I would want the chance to raise my own children and instill the values that we as a couple agree upon.  As a former childcare provider I have experienced spending a large amount of time with children that weren’t mine, so I instilled in them the values that I thought were important.  Some children were with me in excess of 10 hours per day!  Once the children were home with their parents, it was pretty much time to feed them and get them cleaned up for bed!   The parents would miss out on a lot of “firsts” when it came to the kids…Such as first words, steps, potty training, etc.  Those are precious moments and I wouldn’t want to miss them for the world!
So, for all of you parents that are the breadwinners of the relationship just take a minute to re-evaluate all that the other person does to contribute to the household.  It may or may not be monetary, however it is extremely valuable!  You both need each other in order for things to run smoothly in your home.  For all of the parents that are the more domestic partner in the home, be thankful for your partner’s contribution, because they are the reason you are able to have a roof over your head, clothes on your back and food in your stomach.  Learn to work as a unit and life will be much more enjoyable!!!