What’s Love Got to Do with It? EVERYTHING!!

~Shemeka Michelle
There should have been one more attribute added to the love characteristics of 1st Corinthians 13 and that is LOVE IS NOT MESSY!! I’m sick of people throwing around the word love but their actions show they have no idea what it is. Husbands cheat on wives they claim to love. If they aren’t getting any at home, that’s their excuse and they feel justified. Wives cheat on husbands they claim to love. If they aren’t getting the attention they need that’s their excuse and they feel justified. We say we know what love is, yet we do all of these things for selfish gain. However LOVE IS NOT SELF-SEEKING!
I’m about to piss somebody off but I only talk about what I know about. If you are opening doors before shutting other doors YOU ARE A MESSY BASTARD! If you have started a relationship before completely ending another one, you really have NO idea what love is. Husband/boyfriend, you may not be getting ass at home but that does NOT give you the right to look elsewhere because Love is Patient and it ALWAYS protects!! How are you protecting her by putting her in jeopardy of catchy an incurable disease or setting her up for heartbreak? You have NO idea what love really is!
To the wives that feel justified in your selfish behavior because he did it to you, Love keeps NO record of wrong doings. To the dusty mistress or foolish dude that’s willing to cheat with you and tells you he/she loves you, Love does not delight in evil!! Last but certainly not least…. To all of you separated, married but engaged folks, what in the hell is that? Once again you need to close one door before opening another one! Love rejoices in the truth and the truth is you are still married! Get your affairs (literally) in order!!!
I myself have tossed this word around carelessly. I have told a few men that I loved them when actually I only lusted them! As a matter of fact when I even think about a couple of the ones I claimed to love, I’m slightly repulsed and disgusted that I EVER gave them the time of day. I just about throw up in my mouth when I even think about kissing them and god forbid if there was sex involved. YUK! I wasn’t in love I was insane!! I know this because Love Never fails!
Truth is if you’re a dude and I told you I loved you, I probably didn’t. You could probably care less now especially if you hit it. I’ve only loved four men and two of them I have children by. Don’t wonder if you’re one of the other two. You probably aren’t. Nevertheless many lack the attributes that constitute real love and we all need to work on that.  It has taken me all of this time to realize that until recently, I had NO idea what love is and What’s Love Got to Do with It? EVERYTHING!!