Think before you CHEAT!

~Shemeka Michelle
She’s weak minded, insecure and lacking self-worth. I know this because this is the only type of female that would undercut her sister with betrayal. He’s a low budget, slick tongue snake in the grass who’s not worthy of your time. That’s the only type of man that is not his brother’s keeper.  These descriptions may sound harsh especially if you’re the culprit. However, if you’re the person in a committed relationship who is thinking about cheating, these descriptions serve as a reminder to help you realize that the other man or woman is NOT worth potentially losing the one you love!
Who in their right mind is willing to participate in destroying a home whether it’s happy or not?  It can only be someone who is filled with pain because only hurt people hurt people. This type of person jumps from person to person wreaking havoc; leaving a stench from the pus that oozes from their wounds. Nine times out of ten the person you desire to cheat with is only desirable to you because of a temporary void.
When I was a miserable wife struggling with low self-esteem, I too had fallen victim to the temptation of the serpent. Compliments dripped from his tongue like honey. It was easy to become preoccupied with thoughts of a better relationship. Thankfully, that wasn’t the cause of the demise of my marriage. I would’ve been PISSED to say the least!  Now that I’m divorced, I’m not even remotely attracted to this man. How sad would it have been if my marriage had been destroyed by someone that presented the twenty percent of what I was missing but also lacked the eighty percent of what I need? How sad would it be if you allow this to be your fate because you seek temporary pleasure? Trust me it’s not worth it!
If you really have a true love connection with the person you’re in a relationship with, you may be jeopardizing a lifetime friendship which is hard to come by. Momentary insanity can lead to permanent loss and it’s not worth it. The pain caused to the other person is not worth it. If you are sarcastically saying to yourself as you read this “I have thought about it” yet you still intend to go through with it, let me be the first to tell you that you are immature and childish as hell! You deserve whatever you get! However, if this is a decision you are truly struggling with; please please please by all means think, I mean REALLY THINK before you CHEAT!!!