The Short Bus!

Ladies you ask this question over and over
“Why can’t men understand us?”
The answer is this quite simple and plain
‘Cause them niggas ride the short bus
All dressed up in your Armani suit
Making a girl want to reproduce us
But as soon as you part those full sexy lips
It’s obvious, you ride the short bus
Whether working on Wall Street or the neighborhood store
You’re a delicious specimen oh so fine
And as soon as I want to jump on for a ride
 Your bus is smaller than mine
To call you retarded might be kinda mean
Some may say out of line
But instead of a S tattooed on your chest
You need a handicap sign
There’s no such thing as a dumb question
Then why is it you ask a bunch
No wonder your stomach gets bigger and bigger
You are ALWAYS out to lunch
So next time you ask yourself this question
The one you should ask no more
“Why can’t my man understand me?”
Remember his bus is shorter than yours!