The Self Absorbed Black Woman and Why She Won’t Get “Wifed”!

~Shemeka Michelle

L. Smith Photography

A friend of mine has a theory that once a woman reaches the age of 27, her chances for getting married extremely decreases. He also believes that the desires of real black men are changing. After hearing his statement, I began to look around and I’ve found so many examples of this truth. Even in my own personal experience, I’ve had many men tell me that they find me attractive although they’ve never liked natural hair. I’ve always believed my hair was just an outward expression of what was changing on the inside. I believe my inner being is what is attracting them. As I analyze some of the women I know, I believe my friend is on to something and it’s brought me to this conclusion….

The self absorbed black woman will remain single.

In case you haven’t noticed, Barbies are being mistreated, tossed to the side and overlooked. Men are no longer interested in the black woman who has no identity outside of her weave, Michael Kors bag and good Judy (homosexual male friend)!

After all, why should he wife her if he knows that she has nothing of substance to offer him? He’ll keep her around even if he knows he isn’t interested in settling down with her. Why? Because he knows that he can blatantly disrespect her then pacify her with a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes.  However, when he’s really ready to choose a life partner, it won’t be her. There’s a shift taking place and black kings are rising up looking for black queens not just bad bitches. This is not to say that men aren’t still having sex with them. However, they aren’t offering rings or lifetime commitments to these low self esteem emotional and financial burdens. Men that understand that they serve a greater purpose in the world beyond ballin’ out and turninup are looking for women that possess the strength and integrity to support them in that purpose.

As women that are still asleep continue to fill themselves with silicone and ass shots, men are awakening!

Excellent twerking ability is simply entertainment and the only person looking for constant entertainment is a clown. Unfortunately, these same insecure women are teaching this lack of values to many young girls. We shouldn’t be surprised when our timelines are flooded with young girls whose value in themselves is based on their outward ASSets.  A man looking for a mate will be interested in more than that. Who is the woman actually beneath the Brazilian weave, false eyelashes, and pound of makeup, waist trainer, designer clothes and pretentious attitude? Look around, how many self absorbed good time girls do you know? How many of them are over 35 and have NEVER been married? If they aren’t single, how many of them are in actually good THRIVING relationships with men that are trying to do something in life?  Women are spending hundreds of dollars on outward appearance but men are no longer drawn to label whores.

A truly confident woman can look good at any size and in anything. Her efforts are in being a better person within and this is drawing like minded men.

 It’s time for women to begin to shift on the inside; peel off the false sense of self they have become accustom to and become the real them!  

This also includes the educated, successful, black woman who looks down on any man that is outside of her financial circle and social status. She likes to brag that she doesn’t need a man and tries to prove that every chance she gets. She is also self absorbed and will continue to be alone. She continues to stand behind the false guise of having certain standards and not settling for less when the truth is…. she’s bitter and self centered. She can’t see anything past the triviality of materialism. Yet she wonders why her choices are limited and can’t see that her unbalanced mind state creates desperation and a rise in lesbianism.

We all have a choice and the freedom to choose. Women can continue in superficial nonsense or wake up! However, I’ve always been told that if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. If you truly want a good honest man, remove the mask and become a good honest woman.  Otherwise, get used to being single and by the way…… #teamsingle is an oxymoron!