The Sad Day I Hit My Mom

Sad Teenage Girl~Shemeka Michelle

“Say one more word and I’m going to knock your teeth down your throat” or “Keep talking back and I’m going to knock your teeth out”!! These statements are both threats from my mom and also ones I utter to my kids anytime they take a leave of their senses. Recently, Grammy nominated singer Angie Stone was arrested for making good on those promises with her own grown daughter who resides with her. Angie alleges that after asking her daughter to clean her room and control her children (Angie’s grandchildren), her daughter attacked her. In retaliation Angie hit her daughter with metal furniture knocking out her front teeth.

Most wonder how a mother and daughter could actually get to that point. I’m embarrassed to admit that as a grown woman, I also hit my mother. It’s been over fifteen years but it is still one of my biggest regrets. After spanking my daughter, my mom who never spanked me and doesn’t believe in spankings asked if I would like to be hit and proceeded to hit me. I was twenty three years old and a complete hot head. My heart broke later that day when my mom’s eye began to reveal where I punched her and it still breaks today when I think about it. Although I feel like my mom definitely overstepped her boundaries by interfering with my parenting, my actions were inappropriate as well.

It became apparent to me that it’s very difficult for two queens to live in one castle. That was my exact response when I heard about the allegations against Angie Stone. I’m not sure why her grown daughter and grandchildren were living with her to start with. I was further confused as to why Angie would have to ask a grown woman to clean her room and ask a mom to MOTHER her own children. If Angie’s account of the story is true and she was attacked after making her request, I feel like she had every right to defend herself with the repercussions falling where they may.

Currently my mom lives with me and my children. There are times when the castle seems overcrowded. For example, if I try to steal away with my boo for an intimate moment, she might loudly call my name jolting me right back into my childhood. It’s also completely uncomfortable for your mother to come in and hold a complete conversation overlooking the fact that what’s actually taking place is more than spooning! However, for the most part, there isn’t a power struggle. She respects the fact that although she’s my mom, she lives with me and not the other way around. I also acknowledge that she’s my mom and deserves respect. We also love having her around!

Hopefully Angie and her daughter can eventually reconcile and move forward. In the meantime, her daughter definitely needs to move to her own place while simultaneously searching for the best dentist in town!