The Academy Awards: Dear Black Hollywood, We DON’T Care!

~Shemeka Michelle


I am so over all of this talk about this year’s Academy Awards. Are black people really JUST seeing the fuckery that’s been happening for years??  Why are members of black Hollywood just deciding to speak out? Is it based on personal snubs? Because CERTAINLY I’m not the only one that has noticed that according to the academy, blacks have never really been shit! We’ve only had ONE black BEST ACTRESS. Yes, according to the academy, a black actress’ BEST work was when she was being sexed on screen by a white man! If we base our opinions on the academy, there have been many movies made with black actors/actresses but only SIX women and FOUR men were any good at even their supporting roles. Also according to the academy, there hasn’t been a black actor at the very top of his game since 2006! DAFUQ??

In my opinion every now and then, blacks are given a little bullshit ass Oscar that serves the same purpose as a pacifier to a hungry baby… SHUT THE FUCK up for a while. This is crystal clear yet it seems that we can’t get enough of Bojangling for the white man’s approval. I guess someone should’ve portrayed a slave this year or a crooked cop to ensure an Oscar nod. As usual though, many are blowing a bunch of hot air which is pointless! The black women of Hollywood will be right back at it next year trying to look whiter than ever and the black men…..?!? WELL…..

Why should white America accept us when we obviously don’t accept ourselves?

From showing up on camera as THE HELP or with bleached blonde, back length weaves to allowing magazines to photograph and print us looking three shades lighter to feeling like our black comedic actors are only funny in dresses, we’ve continued to show that WE don’t even believe we’re good enough to be taken seriously. Sidebar: I wonder if Kanye West will attend this year’s Academy Awards and grab the microphone to say who deserves the award more. Highly unlikely that he’ll bring that type of buffoonery to that particular crowd.

FYI Black Hollywood, we can’t even get a murder indictment when one of our own is gunned down on camera but you all are speaking out against a damn OSCAR???

Being snubbed by the academy is nothing new. Years and years of the same old shit proves they couldn’t care less about our little black feelings. After all, great talent gets overlooked every day. Instead of dishing the tea about meaningless celebs (except when using for life lessons), for the last two years we’ve poured our hearts out right here on this blog. Real women talking about REAL RELEVANT shit but consistently overlooked; except for that one call from HARPO studios. However, even they became uninterested when they found out my days of having a lack of self worth and chasing another woman’s husband were in the past.

Oh well, sometimes it be’s like dat….WORD! Black Hollywood, welcome to the real world! Now in the words of J. Michael Clark….SAT YO ASS DOWN!




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