#TBT: Wicked Wednesday: DICKnotized!

He got that good dick, hood dick
Bottle it if you could hard as wood dick
The kind that you crave that can’t be replaced
And don’t mind licking; being all in your face
The kind that you dream about; makes you fantasize
The kind that you scream about; leaves you DICKnotized
So good you love to stroke up on it
Don’t mind if you get choked up on it
You long for times to back up on it
I close my eyes; hot damn I want it!
See this shit right here has made me crazy
I call him hot dick when he lays and blaze me
Walk away and just quit? Yo ass couldn’t pay me
Put another in my face and that shit wouldn’t faze me
Many words could describe what I’ve stumbled upon
I’m beast in the bed but I’m humbled upon
His skill and stamina; I’m straight mesmerized
If you feel what I’m saying then you’re DICKnotized