#TBT: Forty and Fabulous!

Guest Blogger
Many women dread turning 40, the age when metabolism begins to slow. However, I can honestly say I am probably one of a few who are nervously excited about this next chapter of my life.
That excitement only has come in the last few years because when I was younger I thought being fabulous couldn’t be associated with forty.  That was way old.  Now that I am approaching that milestone in 7 days I realize aging is something you cannot change but your attitude towards getting older you can.
Additionally, I have struggled with my weight my entire life but those closest to me have often said I loved the larger me more and looking back I would have to agree.  I realized I was allowing myself to question what I considered fabulous based on what others viewed as fabulous.
As I continue to climb the age ladder I appreciate age is just that….steps in your life.  I realize that there are going to be some changes but being fabulous doesn’t have to be compromised.
Simply put, I am embracing growing older and realize that I have to make different choices to counter the metabolism crawl.
As I enter this chapter of my life I plan to keep it Naked and share my journey.  I am who I am, and who I am is Fierce, Fabulous and turning Forty.