SUPERMAN vs. Clark Kent

~Shemeka Michelle
I was scrolling Facebook… usual and I came across a post by a dear friend. It stated “To all you Wonder Women out there – just remember that Superman liked Lois”. I understand exactly what this statement meant and in a perfect world, women could be docile little helpless vixens. Men would consistently take their rightful place. However we know this is not always the case. I think it should also be duly noted that Lois fell for Superman NOT Clark Kent. In other words, it’s Friday, I’m fed up and men you all have gotten on my last DAMN NERVES with all of your expectations for women while YOUR ASS is dancing all BELOW the damn standards!!
Dear man, this blog may NOT be about you but if the shoe fits, please lace that bitch up and wear it! I am so sick of women feeling the pressure to always look, act, think and be a certain way. Men are quick to comment on a woman’s hair when HIS ass is bald! Men are quick to comment on the size of a woman when he appears to smuggle tires. YOUR fat ass stomach isn’t all that attractive either! Men note to self; a big round body on little ass chicken legs reminds us of humpty dumpty and we are just WAITING for your ass to have a great fall! I DIGRESS. I didn’t write this blog to be simply superficial. I actually have legitimate concerns. I am sincerely concerned with the state of the male species! In my opinion many of them operate daily beneath the greatness of their creation. Many are content with blaming everyone else for their shortcomings; band-aiding the problems instead of truly healing a generation.
I AM SO SICK OF THE LAME ASS EXC– USES BY MEN AND ABOUT MEN THAT ARE WIDELY ACCEPTED AS A MEANS TO ESCAPE TRUE RESPONSIBLITLY. Let’s get right to it…. If the woman is the one biblically presented as the weaker vessel, why aren’t men presenting themselves as the STRONGER vessel? Why are the statistics of single parent homes reared by women increasing while more and more “men” find solace in jail, on the street corner or living lives dedicated to degrading women instead of building them up? Tell me why more and more women are looking for strength and comfort in other women while more and more men are comforted by being fucked in the ass?? Tell me Mr. Man, why you are so content with missing the mark, failing to walk in the shoes you were created to fill? Knowing that God gave you dominion and set you as the HEAD of the woman, why do you continue to carry out actions that create and perpetuate the BITCHES AND HOES that you claim you can’t stand? Do you really NOT see the position you’ve played in the demise of God’s original design when he created EVE so that ADAM would not be alone??
Say what you want about women but please also remember that YOUR SHIT STINKS TOO!! Many men have failed the human race as you consistently dodge your intended role with your lies, cheating and intentional deceit! You play a MAJOR role in the low self esteem and lack of self worth in women yet you sit around like you’re clueless. I heard a man say that unless men get it together they will NEVER reach spiritual maturity. In light of that, who really cares how much you hit it or have your dick sucked when you still possess the mind of a little ass boy; failing to meet the expectations of our creator!! Men, let me clue you in that most women don’t want to be Wonder Woman. We want you to stop fucking around, be trustworthy, honest and take your rightful place. After all, we all know who made Lois feel the safest when it came to Superman vs. Clark Kent!