~Shemeka Michelle
Sometimes people are really throwing shade or taking jabs at you. However sometimes what you perceive as shade is simply your own INsecurities. You assume that someone views you a certain way simply because that’s really how YOU view YOURself! I’m sick of people not taking responsibility for their own shortcomings. They spend more time and energy blaming other people than they spend trying to overcome their situation.
A few days ago, a friend of mine made a post on social media which received some backlash. Not necessarily because of the topic itself but because someone ASSumed it was written with malicious intent about them. I myself experienced a similar situation. Though not confronted by the offended person directly, I was reminded about a time when I stated that I wasn’t going to make my job a career. Apparently she took the affirmation that I spoke for MYSELF as a belittling jab because of the length of time she had been on the job. She even tried to convince the person that she was complaining to, that I belittle her as well she just hadn’t realized it.
First of all, misery loves company! Now this isn’t a jab but a true fact considering she was the one with the issue. Why try and convince someone else to stand in the miserable space you’re standing in? Secondly, perhaps the offense should lie with her reasoning for not pursing her passions and staying in a job she dislikes. Stating my goals and speaking positive affirmations concerning MY life was in no way throwing shade. Let me keep it naked and say that if we really tell the truth, sometimes we get pissed at other people for possessing characteristics we wish we had. However, instead of looking INward, we stay focused on external things which in turn leave us offended and stuck!
Men, put on your big boy boxers. Ladies put on your big girl panties and please for your own sake GROW THE HELL UP!! No one owes you anything! Life hasn’t dealt you a bad hand. You are where you are because of YOUR choices. Nine times out of ten, someone who is truly focused on becoming a better person has no time to spend conjuring up ways to throw shade.  If you’re suffering from Insecurities notice that the first two letters are I and N because IN (withIN) is where you need to look first! Stop whining and pouting! Use that energy to better yourself. Stop bitching and instead of pointing the finger, use it to pick up a straw so you can SUCK IT UP!
Ebonically speaking – Aint nobody got time fo dat!