Some Women Actually Have Nothing to Offer Men…



I was scrolling Instagram and came across a thought provoking post.  To sum it up, it was basically talking about the women that complain that all a man wants is pussy. It made a profound suggestion that for some women; pussy is ALL they have to offer! With that said, women, what does your Good Woman resume’ look like? Women are always searching for a man that has this or that but what do YOU actually bring to the table?

It’s not all about material possessions but, let us start there. Are you looking for a man that’s successful with a fat bank account? Then hopefully you aren’t that chick that spends more time figuring out ways to beat the system than you do looking for a damn job! If the highlight of your day is perusing Remy hair at your local beauty world, PUSSY IS ALL YOU HAVE TO OFFER. A man that has worked hard to achieve all that he has, is not interested in gambling on the woman with no aspirations. The man that hasn’t yet arrived but is trying to go somewhere in life, will only hook up with a woman that can contribute to their success in SOME way.

WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE and EDUCATION! While they may all sound the same, they aren’t. You can have education but still no wisdom. I also want to insert that you don’t have to be working on your doctorate to be successful. There are many successful people whose education stopped at high school. However, do you possess the characteristics of a woman that a man can take out in public? If your normal response to basic conversation is “that’s what’s up”, chances are if he’s hobnobbing with the Haves, you will be at the crib waiting on his late night booty call.

Women can continue to complain about men and trust me I know there are some that SHOULD BE complained about. However, women really need to up their game. Although I’ve never been there, I doubt very seriously that the women working on Wall Street or shopping on Rodeo Dr. are doing so in bedroom slippers, with bright colored weave, smacking their lips and uttering “Om” as they struggle to complete a sentence!

Men Only want one thing from you because you have given them limited options. If you aren’t showing that you can be an excellent partner, they will only see you as their next opportunity to hit it and quit it. If you have more, show it, stop settling for less and remember dogs fuck bitches! Keep your head, heels and your standards high! Bring something of substance to the table or else, PUSSY IS ALL YOU HAVE TO OFFER!!



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