womanintubNGSC: Charissa Jones
Ever since I was a little girl, I LOVED to take baths. Especially with bubbles (which was Dawn dish detergent). I would swim around in the water before I bathed and dip my head in and out of the water to make my nappy hair curly. I probably shouldn’t have done that because I was led to the stove afterwards but that’s another blog! Now that I’m older, I sit a while reflecting on my day, bathe and get out! Sometimes I break out the candles, soft music, oils and Epsom salt but it is still Dawn and relaxation.
I recently got into a heated discussion that turned into a debate about baths vs. showers vs. wash ups!! I being a vintage woman am pro baths!
I lived with women who only showered when I was in the homeless shelter and other women who only washed up. The women that showered would hop in, jump out and dump on a bunch of perfume. Then in threehrs or less, smell the same as they did three hours before! Running up our water bill just to stink again; talking about somebody stinks. Boo that’s you! You need to soak thatcoochie!!The women that only washed up, Oh My God! I’d rather you do nothing at all!! Not only did their bathroom smell like shit, so did the bath cloths they used, and yes in a few hours their bodies did too. They started developing boils under their arms and between their legs. I have one piece of advice…SOAK THAT COOCHIE!!!

Ladies every woman has her own genuine smell. However, from experience,
I know that showers and wash ups don’t bring the coochie to its full potential. I know this not because I tried them but because I smelled them!!! Go back to what use to work back in the day and SOAK THOSE COOCHIES!!