Snatched Cat!?!?

~Shemeka Michelle
To snatch or not to snatch? ….that is the question. About six years ago, I started snatching the cat or shall I say more sophisticatedly waxing my private area. It wasn’t by request. I just heard people talking about it and it seemed like the in thing to do. I started with just a bikini wax for several reasons. One, I couldn’t imagine looking at it completely bald. Two, I heard it hurt like crazy and three, would it itch growing back? I’m sure that sounds completely crazy to some but I tried shaving my private area in college and it was the worst feeling ever when it was growing back. It itched and of course that’s a spot you can’t scratch in public without looking dirty. I remember trying to discretely rub against things to ease my discomfort without anyone noticing. So I knew that wasn’t a feeling I ever wanted to experience again.  Also, I was a late bloomer. When we had to shower in 7th grade, I was embarrassed because I had no genital hair. Coming up during my era, in the black community, having genital hair meant you were mature. So I wasn’t sure if getting rid of the hair was really acceptable.
After getting just my bikini line done for a while, I decided to take the plunge and go for the full Brazilian. Oh my goodness it felt like silk! It was so smooth to the touch, so clean and I felt so free! Waxing became a way of life for me but I’ve since learned that a lot of people don’t feel the same way. I’ve heard some men say they don’t like it because it makes them feel like they’re with a little girl. I have a hard time understanding that logic because nothing about mine resembles the vagina of a little girl. Not after three children. I mean it’s still a beautiful flower but it has definitely completely bloomed!  Then there are those women that in my opinion are stuck in the genital hair means I’m mature mindset. They also can’t imagine someone being that intimate with them if they aren’t sleeping together.
What about for men? Is it okay for them to do away with their genital hair? While I like my cat snatched, I prefer my snake in the grass. For me, a man without hair seems feminine to me. I’m sure the woman who is with the man without genital hair thinks my opinion is really absurd. However, if I wanted to press against a hairless body, I would be with a woman. I love hair on the face, chest, legs and especially the genital area!
I guess the bottom line is you do what you like best and what your partner accepts. I don’t think I would want to be with a man who didn’t want me to wax just as I wouldn’t want a hairless man. I think the female chia pets have become the minority but I’m curious as to what men are doing in today’s society. Do we put too much pressure on each other to be perfect? Do we expect too much? Are women expected to be like Barbie dolls? Have I bought into the hype? I’m not sure of the answers to those questions so until then, snatching the cat it is!