NG Social Contributor: Kenita Stubbs

YEEN MAKING NO NOISE IS SLANG FOR YOU ARE NOT MAKING ANY NOISE which is a term meaning a person or situation does not pose a threat to you.

I would like to serve notice to a few people! By no means will I ever use names and the guilty will be the first to stand but you may as well SIT DOWN YEEN MAKING NO NOISE!

In the past I was really bad at acting before thinking certain situations through especially when I was angered. I would say things I know I didn’t mean to people I loved. I always felt horrible once I calmed down. I learned that sticks and stones may break my bones but words DO hurt! I can remember things that were said to me that I would rather have taken a slap in the face for. I take pride in learning how to shut up when someone does not deserve my thoughts, time or attention even in negative situations. It took me a very long time to learn what’s understood does not have to always be explained. When someone else’s opinion does not make or break you or your circumstances, instead of allowing them to get under your skin and cause you to act out of your character, just serve them with not 1 or 2 but several seats and tell them to SIT DOWN!

Today someone approached a loved one and had questions and answers about me, my life, my health and even a word from the lawd (notice I didn’t say a word from the LORD)! This person also has my number and has seen me for the last two days and spoke. They were having this discussion when I pulled up so here I was ME In the flesh. Who better to ask about me other than me? But they decided to continue the conversation to the point where I had to ask if the two could hurry up and this concerned person spoke to me as if they had been having a general conversation. After speaking with my loved one they shared what the two of them had discussed and it angered the both of us.

My first thought was to U-turn and go back but I knew I was too mad for that. I ended up doing what I absolutely HATE others to do and turned to Facebook to vent. That’s not me. After thinking and calming down, I deleted my status and then regretted ever stooping that low. Today was a well needed reminder that when situations and people are non-factors in my life, they do not deserve my energy to be given to negativity.

So to all of my haters, please sit down yeen making no noise. To family members and so called friends that have talked about me, lied on me and left me hanging, yeen making no noise! Here’s to the church folk that smile in my face and roll their eyes when I walk off….. Yeen making no noise! I’d like to say hats off to the counterfeit pretending to be “the real” please please sit down you are definitely not making any noise at all!

When god said TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED AND DO MY PROPHETS NO HARM he did not intend for that to only apply to pastors, apostles or bishops. Clearly he said his anointed and since I’m in that number I would like to say to HELL (literally) to anything or anybody that choose to Try to have a negative impact in my life. I serve notice on the naysayers, doubters, and all who STILL really don’t believe in me or my vision (but pretend to secretly hoping I fail), you can sit right in the seat next to Satan himself because YEEN MAKING NO NOISE!!!
Kenita Stubbs