Should boy/girlfriends get husband/wife benefits?

NGSC: Kenita Stubbs
Women, quick question………why do we give husband benefits to boyfriends? Yes, it is said that women are more nurturing, sensitive, caring, attentive, loving, and compassionate. Well guess what? Men have those same characteristics! However, because men are not expected to or required to show that side of them they usually don’t! If these things are not required they will not see the importance of being to you everything you are to them.
Most women cook, clean, do laundry, maintains their bodies to please a man, work and take care of the kids. In addition to that, if a man has children outside of his relationship that he had prior to, real women take care of those kids just like their own. Women also give their men the best sex they could possibly imagine while doing their best and everything in their power to be the best girlfriend they can be!
Why give those VIP benefits to grown boys? Women desire so many things of men but don’t require them! Why should you be in a relationship wanting and needing but not receiving? We’re quick to sing “if he like it then he better put a ring on it”. Guess what? He’s not!!! If a woman is doing everything a wife should be doing for her husband to and for her boyfriend but she is not receiving the same in return or engaged with the expectancy of soon becoming a wife then the labor is in vain!!!! You are only practicing and playing house!!
We should not allow men to become comfortable, complacent, and downright spoiled! Whatever we allow will last!! If we allow men to be disrespectful they will continue to be. If we allow men to find the need to give it more thought or time when becoming “One”, then he’s going to continue to need more time. Before you know it seven years have passed, common law marriage will be good enough for him, and he will convince you that it’s okay and good enough for you as well!
Is this message meant to encourage women to rush a man to marry or vice versa? NO! Absolutely not! There are many relationships that are new and far from being ready for marriage. This message is to encourage myself and others to seek to get from a relationship everything we put into it! If I give 100%, I want 100% back! I will no longer take any slack from ANY man in my life! If I can’t get EVERYTHING I put in, I don’t want ANYTHING!! I will no longer settle for less than what I know I’m worth!!! Although it’s hard I know it will be well worth it! This feels like the longest I’ve EVER gone without sex. However, no man is worth me giving my body to just because I’m having a lonely night or need to fill a void.  I’ve been there and done that (stay tuned for that story).
Hell, I got TIRED of not getting what I should have REQUIRED and because I didn’t get what I DESIRED his ass got FIRED!!!!
Disclaimer: I know there are also good men that should not allow women to be controlling, overbearing or treat them as if they are the mother in the relationship. A man shouldn’t give wife benefits to girlfriends that don’t deserve it either. So no need to remind me!