Shemeka Michelle: Confessions of an Ex Stripper!

~Shemeka Michelle

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I was always very vocal of the fact that when I turned 18, I wanted to get a job in a strip club. Tonight, the room was filled with guys I had known throughout high school. There was one guy in particular that had inheritance money that was obviously burning a hole in his pocket. Although his money had come by way of a death, it must’ve made him feel like a superstar to come into town and treat me and my friends like mini celebs.

This night in particular he went all out. After treating me and my friends to dinner after a basketball game, he rented a hotel room complete with plenty of alcoholic beverages.  After a few drinks, the consensus was that entertainment was needed. Although I was only 17, a room full of guys I was comfortable with plus my friends as supporters provided the perfect opportunity to practice for my upcoming exotic dancing career. I had a lot to drink that night but I remember everything going well until one guy (or two…blame it on the alcohol) got a little too touchy feely. I was 17, took my clothes off dancing to one song and walked away with $121.00! Making that amount of money in only a few minutes to a 17-year old girl in the early 90’s was a huge push in what some would consider the wrong direction. That was easy money and since I was born to dance, I couldn’t wait to turn 18!

About a month after my 18th birthday, I think I saw the ad in a newspaper. I called the number and a country sounding man told me to come by so he could take a look at me. He told me to be sure to wear something sexy. When I arrived, he took me in his office. He looked me up and down then asked me turn around. He must’ve liked what he saw because he gave me my starting date. He then called a girl named Shannon in to meet me. He told her to take me to the back stage, go over the rules and show me some moves. I was super excited but clueless! She asked me what my stage name was and I looked at her like a deer in headlights. She explained that I needed a stage name since I was just starting out to keep potential stalkers at bay.

About two days later, with a borrowed outfit, I took the stage as India (Shannon named me). Janet Jackson’s “Black Cat” would become one of my favorite songs to dance to. After all, I had the only black cat in the building……

This is just a skeleton account of my life as a stripper. Get the meaty version in my upcoming book.


Stay tuned!



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