SEXcapades……Double the Pleasure!

doublethepleasureIt was a Wednesday and I’m not sure how I got myself into this jam. I had been flirting with two guys for the last few weeks. For anonymity I’ll refer to them as Guy 1 and Man 2.  Guy 1 was a caramel thug that obviously made his money the illegal way. He was cute with an iced out chain. Man 2 was actually my manager at work. He was a sexy high yellow dude with blue eyes. His eyes made him look mysterious. The fact that he was married gave the situation just enough danger to make my nipples hard.
I ran into Guy 1 a day earlier on Tuesday but he had runs to make preventing us from getting together. He asked if he could come see me Wednesday instead and of course I agreed. I would be working a morning shift so we decided on 7:00pm. Wednesday morning I headed to work as usual. The morning went smoothly but I couldn’t wait for my manager; Man 2 to come in at 1pm so we could get in our daily flirting. We tried to keep it discreet but I’m not sure how many of our office schedule checks or brushes against each other went unnoticed.
The friskiness started shortly after he arrived. Every time his dick brushed against my ass, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like rock hard and inside of me. This type of foreplay went on for the next few hours. Finally it was time for me to leave but Man 2 didn’t want to go another night just fanaticizing. He asked if he could drop by after work. I knew this meant he was in the mood for a late night fuck! I had been having erotic fantasies about him too so I couldn’t wait to say yes! It wasn’t until I walked into my home, checked my machine and heard Guy 1 reminding me that he would be over at 7pm did I realize what I had done. My overactive sexual desires had caused me to agree to hot sex with two different men in the same night!
Guy 1 showed up at 7pm just as he promised. He looked like he had been slangin’ them thangs all day which made my pussy wet. I took him straight to my room as I didn’t have any time to waste. We begin to kiss and I could tell that he could work magic with his tongue. As we kissed, he periodically curled my tongue in his. I couldn’t wait to see what tricks he could do on my other pair of lips. He slowly kissed my neck and moved down the middle of my body. His lips felt so good on my stomach! Yes!! Once again his lips were on my lips…..the ones beneath my navel. He then spread my legs and took his fingers to spread my pussy lips to expose my clitoris.
He rapidly teased my clit with his tongue. I looked down at him and met his eyes as he was looking back at me. He was bare chest with his chain around his neck. He seemed to be enjoying his time down there and it was driving me wild! To my surprise the best was yet to come! Come back next Wednesday as you already know there’s more to this SEXcapade as I’m yet to reach Double Pleasure!