SEXcapades……Double the Pleasure! (The Sequel)

Guy 1 showed up at 7pm just as he promised. He looked like he had been slangin’ them thangs all day which made my pussy wet. I took him straight to my room as I didn’t have any time to waste. We begin to kiss and I could tell that he could work magic with his tongue. As we kissed, he periodically curled my tongue in his. I couldn’t wait to see what tricks he could do on my other pair of lips. He slowly kissed my neck and moved down the middle of my body. His lips felt so good on my stomach! Yes!! Once again his lips were on my lips…..the ones beneath my navel. He then spread my legs and took his fingers to spread my pussy lips to expose my clitoris.
He rapidly teased my clit with his tongue. I looked down at him and met his eyes as he was looking back at me. He was bare chest with his chain around his neck. He seemed to be enjoying his time down there and it was driving me wild! His tongue action was fantastic and even after my explosive orgasm, he didn’t stop. I don’t think I had ever had my pussy eaten so long. Normally after I cum, I want the dick right away! This time was different though. I knew I’d be getting two dicks in one night so I enjoyed this pleasure focused solely on me. He ate my pussy until my fingers and toes went numb. As he finally came up for air I glanced at the clock. It was 8:15pm and I knew Man 2 would be there around 9:30pm.
Since Guy 1 had gone all out to make sure I was satisfied, I figured I would let him choose the position. If he didn’t nut according to my timeline, I would have to jump on and ride his dick ‘til he bust! His sex didn’t compare to his pussy eating. I wasn’t upset though because I had already felt what Man 2 was working with and I was excited. I rode his ass to sleep but as the clock hit 9:00pm, I knew I had to get him out of there! I told him I needed to turn in because I had an early start the next day. As I walked him to the door, I assured him that I would call again.
As soon as I closed the door, I sprinted to the shower. I didn’t have much time to waste and to forego the shower would’ve been rude. The doorbell rang at 9:35pm and I opened the door still wrapped in my towel. Man 2 kissed me and grabbed my ass before he even closed the door behind him. He had a wife to get home to so I knew he wanted to get right down to business! As we walked back to my bedroom he mentioned that I had gotten clean just for him. I smiled a mischievous grin. I wasn’t at all interested in talking! Thankfully, I already had sensuality. His dick was so big and all he wanted to do was fuck! As he slid his dick inside of me, I knew I was in for something. Man 2 was about 6’3 and 180 lbs. He was strong, rough and aggressive. This definitely turned me on!
We fucked! Man 2 held me down and released all of his stress! I could tell by his forceful sex that he liked being in control! He pounded the hell out of my pussy and it hurt so good. We fucked until we both came and then fucked some more! We fucked so long my pussy became dry and I nearly passed out! This was the type of sex that completely fulfilled my fantasies and satisfied my freaky pain fetish. I was happy and totally worn out! What more could Feather Blackwell ask for? Two SEXcapades in one night and they were definitely Double the Pleasure!