SEXcapades…..Think Like a Man Too

This movie was the talk of all social circles. Kevin Hart is Hollywood’s new it man and every time one of his movies comes out, it is all the rage. Needless to say, I too wanted to see the movie and every girl looks forward to a date night with a handsome dude. Tonight was no different and I was really looking forward to enjoying a great movie and enjoying some mid week down time after a long weekend.
As we entered the theater there was some initial excitement as we were the only ones there! I joked that I should’ve worn a skirt. We laughed but I was very serious about incorporating some X rated activities while we watched this R rated movie. The theater was empty and I was with a man that was tall, chocolate and sexy as hell! I really wanted to see the movie but I could also read his freaky mind.
While we sat and watched the trailers we mutually decided on which upcoming movies looked theater worthy and which ones we would wait to catch on DVD. As the time passed, I was slightly disappointed as two other couples entered. However, since we were the first to enter, we had already chosen seats at the very back of the theater. Unless the other movie goers were nosey, they would stay face forward. If they happened to turn around, they just might get a lesson in sex Ed.
The movie began and we got as comfortable as we possibly could. With his arm around me, he would occasionally kiss and lick my neck. This was a huge distraction! Every time I felt his breath, followed by his sexy lips upon my neck, an erotic electric surge would run through my pussy. I was really trying to watch the movie but thoughts kept running away with me. I tried telling myself to get my money’s worth by enjoying the film I had heard so much about but my body had another agenda.
I put my hand on his leg as the movie played on. Eventually, my hand found its way to his dick that felt semi hard. It was almost as if his head knew what was in my head. His dick was thinking about me as I was thinking about it. Periodically, I tried controlling myself by gathering my thoughts enough to focus on the screen. Just as I thought I could make it through, he placed his hand between my legs. Although I had on jeans, his hand felt so good and I got so wet!! I couldn’t wait any longer and I was done playing coy. I loosened his belt, unbuttoned his pants and went searching for the slit in his boxers.
I found exactly what I was looking for! I put his dick in my mouth and proceeded with what I call movie foreplay. Occasionally I would look at the couple sitting two rows in front of us as I could see her through the spaces of the chairs. I knew he was enjoying it as he sunk in the seat. He tasted like milk chocolate and I wanted him to melt in my mouth….not in my hands!! Although the theater was empty, thankfully the volume was loud so I wouldn’t cause a distraction slurping on his pole! This was my trailer for the upcoming movie that the two of us would shoot later on. Although this was just another SEXcapade, I knew that I; Ms. Feather Blackwell had successfully read his mind. He was definitely pleased in more ways than one that I Think Like a Man…….Too!