SEXcapades……….She’s Crafty (5th Quarter)!

My little drummer boy and I could wait no longer. The time had come and we were ready to bone! As I sat in his girlfriend’s dorm room, I provided the little nudge she needed to convince her to hang with friends instead of spending time with her boyfriend. Once the decision was made, I asked questions to gain more information like where she was going and just how long she planned on being there. I added a “girl you know you’re going to go see your boyfriend” just to be believable and confirm that she absolutely had no plans with him that evening. This was all I needed to notify her boyfriend; my sex crush that tonight was the night for me to split on the dick!
We both headed out of her room for the night. She was going to hang out with friends. I was going back to my dorm room to call her boyfriend, notify him that her whereabouts had been confirmed and urge him to hurry to get me! Something about the mischief and craftiness of the plan had my pussy dripping like a Popsicle in the middle of July! By the time he arrived at my dorm, my panties were completely wet. I got in the car still in shock that tonight was really going to be the night. It was about to GO DOWN!
The foreplay started in the car. It was nothing romantic as we both knew we just wanted to fuck. I reached over to feel his dick and it was rock hard! He reached over and palmed my pussy in his hand. He grabbed it like he owned my clit and I couldn’t wait to get to his place and let him take control. As he was driving, I guess he wanted to feel how moist and warm the pussy was so he reached inside of my pants. “Damn” was the only word I remember as he briefly took his eyes off the road. It was as if his green eyes had special powers. He seemed to read my mind as I was enjoying his fingers playing in my pussy. He smiled, I smiled back and he removed his hand from my pants. He put his focus back on the road and seemed to drive a little more intently.
As we arrived at his home there was no need to talk, break the ice or warm up to each other. As a matter of fact, had it been possible, my pussy would have let off steam because I was definitely hot! The moment I stepped in his room, I immediately began to undress. He quickly followed and we begin to kiss. There was no talking. Just kissing, touching, squeezing and rubbing! I fell on my back; spread my legs apart and our eyes met. I grabbed his arm because I just wanted the dick and the dick was what he gave! Our bodies were slightly moist as they grinded against each other. He gave me deep deliberate strokes continuously until he exploded!
I felt a warm liquid squirting all over my stomach and I had never seen cum so creamy!  I played in it like lotion as I waited for him to get a towel. The sex was good to say the least! It must’ve been all he had hoped for as well as he had already begun to make plans for the next encounter. I was up for seconds so I knew I would scheme to come back at least once. However, I also knew that in my usual fashion, I would quickly move on to the next. This was just another SEXcapade… of many. When it comes to describing Feather Blackwell, remember and beware……………. She’s Crafty!!