treybailey2webMaybe it was the mix of pineapple vodka, Bacardi zombie, peach Minute Maid and Simply Raspberry lemonade that had me feeling this way. Or perhaps it was the fact that it’s been way too long and I was horny as fuck!! Either way all I wanted was a hard dick all in me! I wanted to fuck so bad I could cry but I didn’t want just any dick. I wanted one particular dick…..big dick Willie is what I call him. Every part of my body wanted to feel him all over me. I could hardly breathe. I was short of breath and my pussy was dripping with the wetness that I wish was rolling down his shaft.
What was I to do? Dick was easy to come by but I only wanted one. I had already burnt out the batteries in my silver bullet so I guess I had to let my fingers do the walking! I ran a hot bath, got undressed and got in. I leaned back to relax in the tub with my knees up and spread. The warm water felt so good on my pussy. Since I couldn’t get what I really wanted, I would have to reach my climax alone. As the hot water heated my body, I could see the sweat bead on my stomach. With my left hand I began to squeeze and pull at my nipples. This felt nothing like they would feel in his mouth but with my eyes closed it certainly did feel good!
I slowly took my right hand down below my navel, down my thigh then back up to my stomach again. I contemplated whether or not I should wait until I could have what I want or just ease the tension. I decided to ease the tension! I slowly spread my lips and started massaging my clitoris. The water had already made my pussy hot and moist and I was about to make it tingle. This was going to be a quick one. I rotated my hips; grinding on my hand. My hand wasn’t his hand and it definitely wasn’t his tongue and far from the dick but a quick nut would certainly help me sleep!
I MOANED. I RUBBED. I GRINDED AND THEN…………I CAME! Though I was slightly angry that the pleasure stopped there, at least I could focus on something other than sex! I’m still horny as hell and in desperate need of some good dick but until my next SEXcapade, I’ll have to MASTURbation!