REAL LOVE! What it means to me.

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It’s crazy to know that you love someone; maybe even be in love with them and you know they feel the same about you. The thing is, you will never know how much until they are comfortable to let you know or show you.

See ladies, men have been hurt as well. They know all too well what it feels like to not be appreciated, loved deeply, taken advantage of, cheated on, not treated like they are special, respected or cherished. Don’t get upset with them because they aren’t moving at your pace. Be patient! Some people don’t want to rush things, they want to take their time to know that it’s REAL and you can stand the test of time. No one wants to be hurt, misused, discarded or unappreciated; men included.

When someone is broken from the “love” they experienced, it will take time for them to trust again & love. Yes, I love & I love har;, reasons why I break hard too. I give my all to a man but I have learned not to lose myself in the process. I’m not perfect & I damn sure don’t profess to know all there is to know either. One thing’s for sure though, I can feel. I can feel when it’s real! I can feel when it’s fake. I can feel when you are playing games as well; I can even feel when you are thinking of me & want me. Scary, I KNOW!!

Sometimes it’s ok to let your guard down a little. You can’t hold your love hostage forever. You gotta let somebody in if you really, truly want to be loved. I will say to heal you first, love you first, make you happy first & live freely. Don’t let anyone take away your freedom or try to change who you are! If they can’t love the person you are & who you are destined to become, then they don’t deserve you. I want someone who was made just for me; someone who likes the same things as I do. He can be a little different but you get what I’m saying. No one wants to go through life with someone who is NOT on the same page as you; not liking the same things as you, not grinding the way you do, not wanting the same things as you do in life or love. It won’t work! You have to know for sure that you even like this person enough to be around them on a daily basis. Love them even when things are not so sunny & bright. You have to know that you love them in all their glory & hell…. feel me!?

I know love is in my cards & a life full of joy, happiness, dedication, loyalty, faithfulness, honesty & trust so no worries here. When HE comes I will know & HE will too. HE just can’t be afraid to love me the way I need to be loved!

Just sitting here thinking before I get dressed & wanted to share my thoughts with you…peace!


Sunshine (Ayana Guillory….look me up….GLOW WORM!)


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